Cheat Code Central Movie Cameos*

Cheat Code Central Movie Cameos*


Cheat Code Central is the world’s most popular gaming website. It’s been around for years and is viewed by millions around the world. A testament to CCC, as we like to call it, can be seen in popular movies where the name, logo, or website have been imbedded as a tip of the hat to those in the know. You have to pay attention. Some of you may have missed these cameos first time around so we thought it would be a great idea to point them out for the next time you view one of these blockbusters.

Movie: Spider-Man: The Movie

In the first of the Spider-Man trilogy, the Cheat Code Central logo can be seen on a billboard atop one of the skyscrapers that Spidey passes by on his way to meet the Green Goblin at the Brooklyn Bridge . The billboard is located on the third high rise, south of 52 nd and Broadway. It’s the grey building with the white trim that has a flag of France overtop the entranceway. The scene lasts 1/8 of a second. Stop-motion software is required to see it clearly.

Who leaked?

A long time fan of CCC that was involved in the animation process. Actually he was the janitor at the animation company. He snuck in one night and cut and pasted the logo over a previously animated billboard that had an advertisement for a rival gaming website. Although he refuses to be identified, he will forever remain anonymous in our hearts.

Movie: When Harry Met Sally

In the restaurant, just moments before the famous fake climax scene. Sally is seen sitting at her computer when her screen displays a “Welcome to Cheat Code Central” window. It’s promptly followed by a pop-up that asks you to shoot the monkey and contact someone from your old high school. Sally is heard to utter, “Damn these pop-ups,” prior to Harry entering the establishment.

Who leaked?

A disgruntled CCC employee that threw a tantrum when his personal jet arrived a shade or two darker than the misty rose tint that he apparently selected. He convinced the producers of When Harry Met Sally to show audiences the evil of the internet by targeting CCC’s method of generating revenue. We know who he is and we’re not surprised he’s been reported as a missing person for the last three years.

Movie: The Simpsons: The Movie

Everywhere. Apparently the entire plot of the movie revolves around Cheat Code Central. We are told that Bart finds a cheat code on our site that allows him to control any coin-operated machine. With this kind of power he plans to rule the world. It’s only after Homer and Moe track down the owner of the site and have him create a more powerful, antidote code that the world is saved. At this point, CCC owner, Dave Allison becomes a permanent animated, Simpsons cast member.

Who leaked?

We cannot deny nor confirm this information as the movie is being released today and we don’t plan on seeing it until tomorrow. All we have to go on is our reliable source and pray that he’s been continuing to take his medication.

Movie: Laurel and Hardy: Up Yours

Stan and Ollie are building a house. Stanley turns around in response to his name being called, with a two-by-four on his shoulder, only to inadvertently smash Ollie in the face thus knocking him off the roof. Instead of yelling, “#$%&!” Ollie is reduced to expressing himself through text, as this is a silent movie. There are two hundred and forty seven text panels in this movie. Panel number fifty-three contains the word, “Cheat.” It’s in reference to one of the boys playing checkers with a blind man. In panel one hundred-four, the word “Code” appears. This time it’s pertaining to someone that is suffering from the “common code,” and it too stuffed up to make a proper pronunciation. It’s funny what passed for comedy in the old days. Finally, in panel two hundred twenty nine, we see the word, “Central.” But what’s more is that that word is repeated two more times, in panel two hundred thirty and two hundred thirty eight. That’s no coincidence.

Who leaked?

Jimmy Floble of Lansing , Michigan emailed us this information. He was stranded on a desert island that only had one video store. The sound on his TV was broken, and to make matters worse, it was an old black and white set. The only movie he could rent that would accommodate his predicament was Up Yours, starring Laurel and Hardy; a silent, black and white movie. Apparently he rented the movie so often that he eventually went bankrupt. When we asked him why he didn’t just buy it outright he exclaimed, “I really thought I was going to get rescued soon, and I didn’t want to have to drag that movie around the world with me.”

Another site that rivaled Cheat Code Central in popularity was its very own, members-only, prestigious site called Cheat Code Central Platinum. It was referred to in short as simply, CCCP. It was extremely popular with the jet set, so it comes as no surprise that the King of Rock and Roll was a huge fan.

Movie: Elvis Presley: C.C. Rider

In the middle of the movie, C.C. Rider, a wild outlaw biker played by Elvis Presley, is seen taking a leak in a public parking lot. This causes one of the actors to point out the spectacle and remark to others in the gang, “CCCP.” We recently obtained a transcript of the dialog and it erroneously states that the man utters the following line: “See C.C. pee.” We believe that he actually makes reference to our site by saying, “CCCP,” as opposed to telling other actors in the movie that the title character is taking a tinkle.

Who leaked?

Elvis leaked. Weren’t you paying attention?

*This article is presented as an exclusive Cheat Code Central feature titled “Are you dumb enough to believe this?” Please check back each Friday for the newest edition.

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