Disco Elysium – The Final Cut Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Disco Elysium in-game photo.

Disco Elysium – The Final Cut Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Does Disco Elysium have any cheat codes?

Disco Elysium is a genre-defying role-playing adventure that bursts onto the gaming scene in 2019. It beckoned players into an unforgettable experience. This game is readily available on Windows and macOS and has significantly expanded its horizons with the release of The Final Cut. That version graced consoles in 2021.

In Disco Elysium, you assume the role of a detective in a world that defies convention. You’ll embark on a journey through the mesmerizing world of Elysium. This planet boasts a rich tapestry of history spanning over six thousand years. Set against the backdrop of the year ’51 of the current century, you’ll unveil the dark secrets of a city and unravel the mysteries of your own intricate past.

The game’s story is a masterpiece of woven storytelling, steering clear of traditional RPG conventions. You’ll feel fully immersed as you navigate the city of Revachol and explore Martinaise on the isola of Insulinde. Disco Elysium is not just a game; it’s a captivating journey through a world of mystery, politics, and intrigue.

Disco Elysium Premise

In Disco Elysium, you step into the shoes of a detective, struggling with drug-induced amnesia. At the same time, you’re confronting a grisly murder case. The game kicks off with you waking up in a trashed hostel room in Martinaise. Alongside you is Lieutenant Kim Kitsuragi. You’re assigned the grim task of cracking the mystery behind the death of a man found hanged behind the hostel.

As you roam the district, the plot gradually unfolds. You meet a colorful cast of characters and become entangled in the lives of the district’s eccentric residents. The murder, it turns out, is just the tip of the iceberg. It intricately links to a labor strike against a formidable logistics corporation.

The game’s unique charm lies in the choices you make. It’s not just about being a traditional hero or villain; it’s about navigating a world of moral ambiguity and political ideologies, with conversations that are as bizarre as they are captivating. The game offers a rich, story-driven experience where uncovering the truth is only half the journey—discovering who you are is the other.

Disco Elysium Main Characters

The game revolves around a one-of-a-kind and enigmatic narrative, populating its world with entertaining and eccentric characters. Each has a nickname, but they’re usually false. It’s essential to discover the true nature and names of the characters in the game. Eventually, you’ll find that many of the characters have hidden agendas, and they’re not there to help you.

  1. Lieutenant Double-Yefreitor Harrier “Harry” Du Bois: You control and play as this amnesiac detective, making choices and shaping his path.
  2. Lieutenant Kim Kitsuragi: Your partner in the investigation, who provides guidance and support throughout the game.
  3. Evrart Claire: The union boss involved in the labor strike.
  4. Joyce Messier: A negotiator representing the Wild Pines Group, the logistics corporation involved in the strike.
  5. Klaasje: A hostel guest involved in the murder case.
  6. Ruby: A union sympathizer who helps stage the murder cover-up.
  7. The Hardie Boys: A group of dockworkers who play a significant role in the story.
  8. Iosef Lilianovich Dros: The former commissar of the Revachol communist army, who is responsible for the murder.
  9. The Insulindian Phasmid: A cryptid creature that indirectly influences the events in the game.
  10. Lieutenant Jean Vicquemare: Harry’s usual partner, who appears toward the end of the game.

Disco Elysium Cheat Codes

If you’ve found the detective RPG a bit challenging or just want to explore its offerings with greater ease, the Disco Elysium Cheat Engine might catch your attention. Unlike some PC games, Disco Elysium doesn’t have official cheats or console commands, so if you want to make some helpful tweaks, you’ll need to turn to external software. Currently, the most popular choice for this is the Disco Elysium Cheat Engine. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to download and install it to enhance your gaming experience.

Disco Elysium Cheat Codes FAQ

What are achievements for Disco Elysium?

Avowed InframaterialistDon’t call it a book club.
Baddest Brow in TownForce Kim to reveal his secrets
Baddest Hustler In The Neoliberal HoodPreach free market for 9 times
Baddest Of the Bad CopsHit an all time low with Kim
Biggest Communism BuilderEmploy critical theory 9 times
Bother Kim After HoursHe probably won’t mind
Cause a ShitstormYou brought this on yourself
Committee of la ResponsabilitéSomeone should do something about this.
Enemy Of The Physical RealmBang up 5 inanimate objects
Expert Advanced Remote ViewerSee beyond the veil 6 times
Fairweather t-500 Vitreous EnamelSuit up. Head to toe.
Get Kim to Wear *The Jacket*You know which one.
Gluten-Free Topping PieNext you’re cutting out carbs
Goodest Of The Good CopsReally get Kim to trust you
Gurdi-Ball Is LitGet your pinball on
Hardie’s HeroesPour one out for social democracy
Hyperstellar Law OfficialSay 7 deranged superstar lines
Il Coppo Del’Arte!Say 5 Art Cop lines
Leopard Mindset*This* is the kind of animal you want to be
Literally The Sorriest Cop On EarthApologize 10 (!!!) times
Massive Torque DorkYack about machines 4 times
Medal dispenserHere, just have one, they’re free.
Modus: MullenIt’s black-and-white out there
Networthy IndividualEvery day you’re husslin’…
PalerunnerPhase shift for 60 seconds
Real MusorPart cop, all hobo
Recruit Detective Kim KitsuragiPrecinct 57’s finest
Recruit Detective Kuuno de RuyterJunior officer material
The Figurines Won’t Win Her BackThey do nothing
The IcebreakerYou can still move your face with your fingers.
The LawbringerSay you’re the law 7 times
The Most Honourable Cop in The LandGather 11 honour points
The Opener Of The Eighth SealWarn them of the coming end 8 times
The World’s Most Laughable CentristDefend the political centre 7 times
True DetectiveFinish the game in HARDCORE mode
Truly Rabid “Traditionalist”Say 10 “traditionalist” things
Unbelievably Boring F**kSay 7 incredibly boring things
Venture into the HARDCOREGodspeed
What body?Solve the case without even inspecting the body
Wheel of Pleasure and LightReconstruct a vision from the past
Spectres of HopeGlimpse it while you can
Old FlameSurely, it can be killed with fire
Looks Like ProgressSpinning its wheels
Priceless FacadeMoney-smooth streets of gentrification
Now For A Difficult ProvenanceRestore all of the hidden photos

How many hours does it take to beat Disco Elysium?

We’ll use the information from How Long to Beat.

Main Story40023h 51m22h16h 27m37h 14m
Main + Extras1.6K33h 22m31h21h 57m73h 35m
Completionist18846h 48m44h 10m34h 44m70h 20m
All PlayStyles2.2K32h 47m30h20h 41m73h 11m

What is the wrong name in Disco Elysium?

In Disco Elysium, names aren’t just labels; they carry a certain weight and importance. Players discuss and debate these names, occasionally concealing their true meanings, which often bear significant personal importance. Take Klaasje Amandou, for instance. The detective playfully dubs her the ‘Miss Oranje Disco Dancer,’ but you’ll quickly discover that Klaasje Amandou isn’t her real name. She’s a master at diverting inquiries about her background with a flood of half-truths and fabrications, making her one of the most memorable characters in the game. Names in Disco Elysium aren’t just identifiers; they’re part of a complex web of identity and intrigue, adding depth to the game’s storytelling. Don’t use Klaasje Amandou if you want to choose the right name.

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