HackNoMore Thanks to our recent article on piracy , a small group was inspired to develop the ultimate encryption coding system. Electronic files of any kind will no longer be able to be copied, shared, transferred, or otherwise illegally distributed. Thanks to Cheat Code Central, the free ride is over for these ePirates. Artists will now be able to reap the benefits of their creativity, and not have to live on food stamps.

After reading the Cheat CC article on ePiracy , a group of former hackers decided to combine their skills and use them for the betterment of mankind—and a huge profit. They have devised the most comprehensive and ambitious system of encryption ever conceived. It treats each file as though it were an actual physical item such as a book or vinyl record; something virtually impossible to copy. It goes one major step further, symbiotically linking the file to the purchaser through DNA.

The group, known as HackNoMore, has done extensive testing with plant DNA. They maintain that human DNA is traceable, and that’s what their entire system is based on: Identity and accountability. Downloaders will no longer remain anonymous. HackNoMore believes consumers should have the same level of anonymity as they would in a department store.

“Everything we’re doing is based on physical, real life principals,” says HackNoMore member Gus Tuwind. “We may be heading toward a virtual world, but our societal structure is still steeped in the physical realm. That’s why we’re seeing a breakdown in the world economy. It may sound corny, and even ridiculously farfetched, but we are actually going to help save the world from this technology, with new technology.”

All files, including music, movies, video games, and information, must be imprinted with the purchaser’s DNA code before it can be transferred electronically. Using a device similar to a diabetes blood-testing unit, buyers will simply prick themselves, allowing the device to extract their DNA profile and upload it. The file will decode the DNA sequence of the purchaser and will virtually attach itself to that person. Only the person with the same DNA code can receive that same file. Failure to match the file with the original DNA code will result in the file being destroyed.

“The file is essentially alive,” Tuwind claims. “It needs the DNA of the purchaser to exist. If the chain is broken, the file dies. There are no extra copies of this file. There is only one. Only the owner will have access to it. It’s yours, and yours alone. It would be like giving a friend your severed leg to look after. It’s just going to whither and decay. And that’s going to save businesses billions and billions of dollars, minus the tens of billions we make from it.”

HackNoMore says their system is devised not to lead consumers into illegal temptation, but to tempt consumers to consume legally.

By Cole Smith

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