RUMOR: Arkham City Collector’s Edition Details?

RUMOR: Arkham City Collector’s Edition Details?


Has the Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition been unveiled? Retailers GameStop and Best Buy certainly seem to think so. Though the former has taken down its details, Best Buy’s website still has hitherto unseen information on what the Collector’s Edition will entail, including:

  • A premium statue, produced by Kotobukiya

  • An art book

  • The animated content of Gotham Knight

  • Early access to DLC

    The website promises this is just a partial list, and even more will be included in the full set.

    There’s only one caveat: much like with the original Arkham Asylum, retailers are shooting high with a $99.99 price tag. A $40 premium for a Kotobukiya statue alone, though, isn’t too far off (depending on quality), and is certainly more impressive than the plastic Batarang that came with 2009’s Batman outing. Add to that the art book and Gotham Knight content and things are looking square. Still, with no official word from the publisher, we have to confine this to a mere rumor, as compelling as the evidence may be.

    Batman: Arkham City will be available October 18 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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