Rumor Round-Up: Take Two Takeover, Wii USB Peripherals, and Metal Gear Solid to XBLA!

Rumor Round-Up: Take Two Takeover, Wii USB Peripherals, and Metal Gear Solid to XBLA!


The Rumor Round-Up summarizes and highlights the most important gaming related gossip over the past week. This weekly article, in conjunction with the Week in Review, will keep you plugged in and in-tune.

According to a very interesting Forbes article, Activision and Ubisoft are possible candidates to bid for Take Two. As you undoubtedly know, Take Two has been approached by EA several times over the last few months in an attempt to purchase the company. Take Two’s CEO, Straus Zelnick, and the board have been holding out because they feel the offered share price of $25.74 is too low.

In a meeting with investors, Zelnick stated he has been actively speaking with prospective buyers to challenge EA. Forbes speculates that Activision and Ubisoft are the most likely candidates , but that Activision is probably overwhelmed with their merger with Vivendi. That leaves a cash-poor Ubisoft the only viable candidate. But, as the Forbes article admits, Ubisoft could not outbid EA in a bidding war. As such, EA will still come out on top with an offer of $28-$30 per share.

According to PC World, a job posting on Nintendo’s official website has identified the development of a variety of USB peripherals . Here’s an excerpt from the PC World article:

“The job opening, as posted on Nintendo.com three days ago, is for a “Software/Hardware Tester” that can create and execute a “test plan for Wii’s USB devices.” Nintendo has yet to publicly announce any USB devices for Wii, however, although the console supports the protocol.”

According to a rumor started at Ripten, Metal Gear Solid may come to the Xbox LIVE Arcade. The original Solid title would be larger than the 350 MB space allotment, but the site feels confident that their source on the 360’s PartnerNet has confirmed its existence. We haven’t seen anything of the sort, though it does seem like a “Solid” idea in order to cash in on some of MGS4’s run-over success.

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