Rumor Round-Up: Beyond Good & Evil 2, GTA IV DLC for PS3, 360 Motion Controller, and more!

Rumor Round-Up: Beyond Good & Evil 2, GTA IV DLC for PS3, 360 Motion Controller, and more!


The Rumor Round-Up summarizes and highlights the most important gaming related gossip over the past week.  This weekly article, in conjunction with the Week in Review, will keep you plugged in and in-tune.

More bad news for Nintendo on the piracy front. Supposedly WiiWare has already been hacked. YouTube videos showed how US Wii consumers can actually use the WAD Installer v2.1 developed by Broly and play Japanese WiiWare titles.  Presumably, the installer will also work with North American releases when they launch on Monday.

If this rumor is true it could mark a major problem for both Nintendo and their developers, especially considering the service hasn’t even launched yet. This is the second time Wii has been hacked.  The first being that of the Virtual Console with the Twilight Hack.

According to PSM3 magazine, plans for Beyond Good and Evil 2 are in the works. Unfortunately, we’ve heard these kinds of rumors rear their lying heads before.  Moreover, there is absolutely no confirmation from Ubisoft, but according to the magazine it is one title that “most likely will see the light of day.”

For those of you that have not played the game, Beyond Good and Evil was one of the best action / adventure titles to come last generation.  You played the part of investigative photographer Jade, unraveling the mysteries of an alien invasion of Hyllis.  The smooth combat mechanic, unique photography segments, smart puzzles, engaging story, and cliffhanger ending make the prospect of a sequel very exciting indeed.  We’ll keep you posted if and when we receive confirmation.

SCEE boss, David Reeves, supposedly confirmed that downloadable content for GTA IV will most-likely be available for the PS3. This seems completely ridiculous, especially considering the fact that Microsoft spent a fortune to secure exclusive rights to GTA IV’s DLC.

Nevertheless, in an interview with Videogamer, David Reeves is quoted as saying, “[We] probably will see it, it’s just that a deal obviously was struck between Microsoft and Take-Two to do that, and if that’s what they want to do, I think that’s the last shot they have.”

According to X-bit Labs, rumors surrounding the Valhalla chipsets can almost be considered fact.  Microsoft has been diligently working on designing a brand new set of CPUs and GPUs for the Xbox 360. These designs will be manufactured by IBM and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC). Microsoft has not yet commented on the relationship and accordingly the news should be considered unconfirmed.

Finally, a reliable, yet unidentified source is sure that Microsoft will be showing off their new motion controller at a media event next week .  Supposedly the controller will be shown with the Banjo Kazooie 3 title that will feature a motion control mechanic.  We’ll see if this rumor actually comes to fruition by the middle of next week.

Thanks everyone!  See you next week.

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