Rumor Round-Up: Mass Effect 2 Going Multi-platform, PS3 Trophies Soon, Halo 4 Details, and more!

Rumor Round-Up: Mass Effect 2 Going Multi-platform, PS3 Trophies Soon, Halo 4 Details, and more!


The Rumor Round-Up summarizes and highlights the most important gaming related gossip over the past week. This weekly article, in conjunction with the Week in Review, will keep you plugged in and in-tune.

According to some shaky internet sources, Mass Effect 2 may be headed to platforms other than Microsoft endorsed systems . Microsoft and EA haven’t confirmed any of this, but rumor has the franchise control reverting completely back to EA, allowing the next game to go to the PS3. Similarly, it was rumored that the PS3 would get a re-released version of Bioshock. That rumor was roundly denied later in the day. As such, we’ll see if the Mass Effect 2 rumor stands the test of time. Stay tuned for future confirmation.

Another internet whopper places PS3 Trophy availability coming to consumers very soon . According to the rumor, Firmware update 2.40 will release in June to coincide with the MGS4 launch. This update will supposedly include the 2D Trophy support. 3D Trophy support will still have to wait for the release of Sony Home.

Consider what you’re about to read to be entirely unsubstantiated. Nevertheless, Kotaku got their hands on a leaked list of future updates for Xbox LIVE . Greater communication options, dashboard customization, and motion control calibration make the extensive list quite interesting indeed! Of course, Microsoft denied the validity of the rumor. Click HERE for access to the extensive list.

Last Wednesday we reported on a rumor that Beyond Good & Evil 2 may actually see the light of day. This week, French gaming website and magazine JeuxVideo reported from their interview with creative director Michel Ancel of Ubisoft that Beyond Good & Evil is indeed in preproduction . In other words, the creators of the game would love to release the sequel and have already begun to flesh out the bones of the title. Nevertheless, Ancel warned that Ubisoft execs have not given the creative team their blessing and, as a result, the game may never see the light of day.

According to GameFunk’s spotting of “an anonymous[ly written] internet blog” called The Space Oddity, Halo 4 is indeed being developed by Gearbox. Moreover, the next Halo will actually be the first Halo. That’s right; Halo 4 will be a prequel. Insiders seem to think that the game is far enough along that it will be one of Microsoft’s big announcements at E3 2008.

As unlikely as it may sound, Swedish gaming magazine GameReactor reports that Shenmue I and II are going to be ported to the Nintendo Wii. The unconfirmed info was brought to our attention by a forum poster on GameFaqs via ButtonBandits.

The forum poster is a subscriber of the magazine and translated a part of the article into English. Here’s the translated snippet:

“Shenmue is back!”

“Sega has rereleased classics like Nights, Bass Fishing and House of the Dead lately. Now it’s said that Shenmue is next. But don’t think that it’s about a new game, instead, they’re bringing back the two original Shenmue games with extra Wiimote-minigames which will be released for the Wii.”

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