Rumor Roundup 8/3

Rumor Roundup 8/3


Game Rumors:

By Matthew Walker

360 Slash-redux:

Last week we reported that the Microsoft 360 might be receiving a price cut of around 50 bucks. It has been confirmed that there is indeed a price cut for the Xbox 360. However, the amount of the price cut differs on each version of the system available. The Core system receives a $20 price cut, the Elite model a $30 drop, and the $50 prize goes to the premium Xbox 360. I think that this finally confirms the decisions at Microsoft are made with a giant dartboard.

Verdict: Confirmed Dartboard usage

Guitar Hero Band:

Love Guitar Hero the way it is? Us too, but according to analyst group Janco Partners, Guitar Hero could start adding instruments in 2008. They suggest that the impending success Harmonix will receive with their Rock Band title in the coming months could lead the Guitar Hero franchise to include new instruments. We’re not really sure what they will do to ensure they are not obviously copying the Rock Band formula, but we could finally see a device to allows us to hone our skills as a one man band.

Verdict: Who needs a band when you could do it all?

End of the Rings of Death:

The Rings have plagued gamers for almost the entire duration of the Xbox 360. With gamers who actually play their systems getting the deathly stare of the rings of death, it has always felt like a punishment from Microsoft to gamers that play the system longer than what the system is capable of. Recently, Microsoft announced a smaller processing chip set and that things would get better for the system. To continue fixing their goof up, the same folks that built the other two chip sets have recently told PC Gamer that they are working on a 45-nanometer chip set over the next 18 months. With past history, all signs point to Microsoft using the new chips for the 360, reducing manufacturing cost and reducing the overheating issues.

Verdict: Red is my least favorite color.

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