Rumor Roundup

Rumor Roundup


Game Rumors by Matthew Walker

360 Slash:

It was reported earlier this week that the Xbox 360 may indeed receive a price cut of about 50 bucks. While this move could be the final nail in the coffin for the PS3 considering Sony’s recent price drop problems, many gamers still want their PS3. Could Microsoft’s decision to drop the price actually make Sony wake up and realize the world around them? Maybe, but Microsoft would have to confirm it first.

Verdict: Microsoft’s a coffin maker

Metal Gear Online a part of 4:

Many fans, including me, want Metal Gear Solid 4 to come out sooner than spring of 2008, but with the announcement of Metal Gear Online earlier this week many fans are wondering if it will be a part of MGS4. This could explain a lot of the delay that has surrounded the title. After all, when you look at some of the graphics for MGSOnline you can tell that they are using the same graphics and landscapes as MGS4. Could it be that Snake and company are going to take that next step and rival some of Microsoft’s online games? Hopefully, for Sony’s sake.

Verdict: Are you Snake enough?

Zombie Loving:

After the success of Dead Rising last year, it seemed inevitable that there would be a sequel for fans to sink their teeth into soon. Keiji Inafune, one of the people of Capcom, says that he would like the chance to get in to another Dead Rising.  However, he denies that the game is actually in production. This is unfortunate considering the game has been rumored for a while now, but we can hope. After E3, fans are craving zombie love, and who better to deliver a sequel than the same company bringing us Resident Evil 5.

Verdict: Not dead, yet not really alive either!

Halo in 2008:

Peter Jackson is best know for his Lord of the Rings films and we have known for sometime that they were making a Halo feature length film, but it could be sooner than we think. Shane Kim recently began to lay hints that Master Chief’s silver screen debut could be as early as 2008. Kim wouldn’t confirm the news, but did state that they would not be talking about it if it was too far off. He also said the same about Alan Wake and Too Human, which have been removed from the Christmas shopping list this year.

Verdict: Hope it will better than the car commercial at E3.

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