Rumor Roundup 9/14

Rumor Roundup 9/14


Game Rumors:

By Matthew Walker

Castlevania an Xbox 360 exclusive?

At least that’s what Koji Igarashi is thinking. While speaking about the new 2D title for the DS, he mentioned that he would love to develop the title for the home console as well. This is bad news for PS3 and Sony enthusiasts out there, as Kijo further stated that at this time they would not be looking at developing a new Castlevania title for the PS3 due to the failing system.  He doesn’t cancel out the PS3 for a future development, stating that he felt that the popularity of the PS3 would begin to grow once the release of Metal Gear Solid 4 happened. Either way, a new Castlevania title would be great news for vampire slaying fans, just as long as it didn’t repeat some of the previous 3D attempts.

Verdict: Whip crack with his 360 tail

Gun Sequel:

If you were a fan of the Gun series, you could be in for a nice treat, or at least that is how it appears according to the demo of Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Eagle-eyed players noticed a poster on the wall with Gun’s main boss and the tagline “Sometimes a man will shoot back. Even from the grave.” Nothing has been confirmed, but this could be the first inkling towards a new installment into the series. However, with recent proclamation of Metroid Dread rumored for the DS being nipped in the bud, this Gun sequel could be the same.

Verdict: We need more western inspired games

Ninjas fighting the AO :

Recent postings on the internet suggest that some people are beginning to ponder whether the next Ninja Gaiden will face the ESRB kiss of death AO rating. On Canada.com, there’s a little talk about what the new game will bring to the series. Instead, it seems to be focusing on the gallons of blood-severed heads and other gore glorifying spectacles. Some say that the game will be just bloody and no harm no foul. In the days of yester gaming it would be easy to say that this wouldn’t even truly be an issue, but with the industry’s twitching fingers hovering over the AO rating it could be determined that this new ninja outing is unsuitable for the Mature rating. We’ll have more as we learn it.

Verdict: It is Ninja way to be bloody

The Halo up-setter:

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes that with the Tokyo Game Show being less than a week before the release of Halo 3, Sony could unveil price cuts for their PS3 and PS2. Pachter stated that it would be an excellent move by Sony and the decision could possibly take some of the shine away from Halo 3. With Sony front man Kaz Hirai being a keynote speaker at TGS, this rumor almost seems like a definite. Only time will tell. We will have the info for you as soon as it is available.

Verdict: Continued wishful thinking

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