Rumor Roundup 10/12

Rumor Roundup 10/12


Game Rumors by Matthew Walker

A new Prince Prequel?

It seems like there could be a whole new Prince of Persia trilogy about to begin, or at least that is the word according to the blog site, Surfer Girl reviews Star Wars. In a post on the site, someone is claiming to have the inside info about a new title for the series called Ghosts of the Past. It further claims that this title will take place before the Sands of Time hit that we know and love. Further speculation says that this new trilogy would be blending a mixture of Sands, ICO, and taking a page of two from the Legend of Zelda series. Ubisoft is predictably tight lipped about whether or not this is true, but I think we could see a new adventure very soon.

Verdict: Swashbuckling in the Past

A new chipset for the 360:

The Falcon chipsets are rolling along quite well already in the 360s. However, it seems that it is time for something a little newer to get would be consumers a little more excited. Mercury News reporter, Dean Takahashi, seems to be hearing things about a whole new chipset coming soon for the Xbox 360. Apparently dubbed “Jasper”, this new chipset will run with the same specs as the Falcon with a tweaks here and there, including a few more graphic processors. While it may seem a little ridiculous to think about something this new already, Takahashi was the one who broke the news about the Falcon chipset, so there could be something to this after all. We will know for sure as we get closer to the fall season next year.

Verdict: Very Likely considering the source

Some PSP love:

While initially the news about the PlayStation Network was well received, there seemed to be some lack of interest in Sony’s handheld device. Fans waited patiently for news about what Sony was going to offer the PSP market. Then the announcement came that they would be focusing on allowing PSP owners to download those games they wanted off the PSN from their PCs. That news seems to be joined now by the announcement that their will be several new games developed solely for the purpose of downloading them onto your PSP. Genres ranging from action to shooting games, there seems at this time to be seven on the way. There’s also a few words swirling around that Sony could be leaning towards developers to create more downloadable games as opposed to retail copies of the games, stating that there is potential for more profit by cutting out “the middle man.” We’re not sure how retail shops will take this news if it does come to fruition, but we will see.

Verdict: Bye to the retail?

40GB PS3 gets a US release Date:

With the announcement of the 40GB PS3 for several regions, many have wondered if this “gem” will arrive on U.S. shores. If we can take stock in what the Hollywood Reporter has to say then we could see the 40GB PS3 as early as November 2 nd in North America. The system will still lack the backwards compatibility that some fans are truly curious about, but it could certainly pave the path for Sony’s monster machine to appear in several new homes this holiday season. There is also some speculation that Sony could be making an announcement concerning the future of the 80Gb PS3 soon, although nothing is concrete at this point.

Verdict: Both disappointing and great news at the same time

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