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Game Rumors as of June 8, 2007

By Matthew Walker

360 degrees of a Raider:

Tomb Raider Anniversary just hit this week on the PlayStation 2 as well as the PC, and already Microsoft seems to want to pull everyone’s favorite archeologist over to the 360. Nothing is concrete now but according to the ESRB site, it looks like Xbox 360 is slated to receive the latest installment into the Lara mythos with new downloadable missions being on the menu. This would not be a far off presumption considering that Tomb Raider Legends ported rather nicely to the 360. Keep your eyes open.

Verdict: Another dose of femme fatale would be nice.

Can’t keep a zombie down:

Dead Rising, the game where you can use anything to knock some sense into some zombies that infest a mall, appears to be getting some special treatment in the form of downloadable content due to reaching the one million copies sold mark. Even though there does not appear to be any new content available as far as gameplay, there will be additional free costumes and themes you can purchase through Xbox Live. That is right I said purchase. None of these celebratory extras will be free. Maybe they will be worth it, but we can only wait and see.

Verdict: Confirmed

Microsoft rides the Wii:

A few weeks ago, we reported that the Xbox 360 may be catching up on the motion sensing controller craze. Well, this week it definitely appears that they are ready to take it to that next step. However, Microsoft being how they are claiming that the new tech will be nothing like the Wii’s already functioning controls. Even though Bill Gates said that you would be able to swing a tennis racket or swing a baseball bat in a realistic fashion, he still claimed that it would not be the same as the Nintendo’s mega hit system. We shall see.

Verdict: On track

A design fit for a handheld:

PSP thin. It keeps being brought up every time you turn around. Well now, it appears that the patent office is on the bandwagon with at least one submitted idea for the redesign. The look is…unique to say the least. Instead of the tradition format of the system, it appears that the impressive screen will not be reduced. Instead, it will rotate to form a cross like resemblance. Appearance aside, it does appear that there will be enjoyable features added on. For instance, it is proposed that the new model will be able to use text messaging and video and voice calls. What else can you ask for?

Verdict: Taking a handheld above and beyond.

Lego makes its own universe:

With the popularity of nearly Legos growing immeasurable amounts in recent years, it is time to branch out on their own. However, do not expect the cynical humor we have grown accustomed to in their latest installments. It appears that Lego Universe will be an MMO with huge convictions towards the word family friendly. It will also have a focus on building relationships through teamwork. Not much else has been revealed about the title other than a possible Q4 2008 release.

Verdict: Time to start practicing my building

Spy experience:

Have you ever wanted to be a spy like James Bond, or how about a gritty as Jason Bourne? Soon the PlayStation 3 might have your answer. The Agency was unveiled this week as an MMO for the spy elite wannabes. We will have more soon concerning the title, but thus far it appears that there will be a player vs. player, with plenty of espionage thrown in to make any spy fan happy. Do not forget the gadgets because Sony Online Entertainment will not. More soon, be sure to keep checking for the preview.

Verdict: Call me Gamer….Awesome Gamer..

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