Serious Sam: Double D Hits PCs Next Week

Serious Sam: Double D Hits PCs Next Week


The Serious Sam franchise is built upon two foundational elements: 1. Story lines are stupid and 2. Giant guns are awesome. Obviously, I can’t find anything wrong with either of these elements, which is why I’m excited for the upcoming Serious Sam: Double D title.

Serious Sam: Double D will be the first game released in Croteam’s Serious Sam Indie Series. The series allows indie developers to revise Croteam’s famous shooter using their own unique styles. Double D, for instance, is a classically-styled side-scroller with Serious Sam’s stank stank rubbed vigorously throughout.

I should point out that Double D does have one very important new feature; players are allowed to stack their guns. That’s right, if you’re in a situation that requires the simultaneous use of a laser cannon and a rocket launcher, Double D gives you the means to be successful. Or, if you just like shooting several guns at once, Double D has you covered there as well. Evidently, Mommy’s Best Games, the developer behind Double D, has taken the “Guns are awesome” element very seriously.

Some people might find it strange that Croteam is releasing a platformer at this stage in the series’ history, but I actually think it’s a brilliant maneuver that underlines what makes Serious Sam great. Serious Sam will always have its roots in classic titles like Doom and Duke Nukem 3d. Double D is merely a reminder that Serious Sam is not to be taken seriously, but also not to be trifled with.

Serious Sam: Double D is heading to your PC on August 30th.

By Josh Engen

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