Sing-Sation to Sweep the Nation*

Sing-Sation to Sweep the Nation*


It’s a combination of MIDI, karaoke, and songwriting all in one amazing package. You simply create the lyrics to a song, type them in the template, and Sing-Sation will put a voice to it. Choose from an array of vocal stylings, from Jim Morrison to Stephen Hawking and many, many more.

The ultimate tool for the ultimate tool. If you want to be a musician, and you can’t sing, then you’re the ultimate tool. Some lead guitarists are exceptions to the rule, but it’s almost always the singer that gets the girls. It’s the singer that gets all the attention. And it’s the singer that calls the shots. In many cases the band is named after the singer. That’s power. And now you can have that power with Sing-Sation. Don’t be the ultimate tool any longer. With Sing-Sation, you now have a voice.

Synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, DAWs, and virtual instruments allow musicians to create amazing sound-scapes, but unless you want to make background music for video games, a hit song needs a lead singer. Sing-Sation gives you the ability to create world-class vocal tracks on your PC. If you’re familiar with how the Stephen Hawking voice generator works, then you’ll understand the principal behind Sing-Sation.

Enter your lyrics into a template. There are two million songs to choose from. The software will create a melody based on the song you choose, and you can edit it to your heart’s content. A Lawsuit-Avoidance mode will help you alter the melody the right amount as to avoid a possible litigation with the original songwriter. You can also input your own melody via a virtual instrument or by humming into a microphone. It’s that easy. Then select a voice style appropriate for your song, and sit back and listen to your creation come to life. No musical experience necessary. The results are astounding.

Voices are sampled from recordings of the actual singers. Detailed algorithms determine the various vowel and consonant tones the voice will generate to ensure the singer you choose sounds natural with each and every syllable. Voice stylings include Madonna, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Frank Sinatra, Daughtry, Reba McEntire, Cher, George Jones, Willy Nelson, Lady Gaga, William Hung, and William Shatner.

“Sing-Sation is an amazing technological breakthrough,” claims developer Hans Gurney. “It’s also being developed as an engine for use in gaming. The only thing we restrict is talking. The voices can only sing, not talk. This is to keep people from scaring others with the, “I’m Frank Sinatra’s ghost, and I damn thee to hell,” sort of thing. We want this to be fun, not frightening,” Gurney says, “But that hasn’t stopped us from production of Frank Sinatra’s Ghost, which should be available in time for Halloween.”

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