Voxipulator – Create Your Own Lyrics!

Voxipulator – Create Your Own Lyrics!


Put words into their mouths.

Voxipulator lets you create your own lyrics to popular songs, and have them sung by the original artist. New voice sampling and shaping technology lets you do just about anything with the singing voice of your favorite celebrity. The results are indistinguishable from the real thing.

“That’s because you’re hearing the real thing,” says developer Wald Renrich. “The intricate qualities of each singer’s vocal nuances are sampled, rendered, shaped, manipulated, and reconstructed to perfectly match the original singer’s tone. It’s easy to make your favorite performers sing songs your way. Play that son-of-a-gun like an instrument. You won’t believe your ears, and neither will anybody else.”

Sinatra can sing Happy Birthday to you; Avril Lavigne will tell the world she loves you personally; and Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas will sing about how badly they suck to the tune of Let’s Get it Started. Lil Wayne will rap the stock market report, and Marilyn Manson can croon your mom and dad’s wedding song on their anniversary.

You can use any singer and any song. All you have to do is let Voxipulator scan the song file, then just type in new lyrics. In a few seconds you’ll be listening to your favorite singer perform your latest creation. Convert these songs into MP3s to listen to them on your iPod, or burn a disk and get your local DJ to spin some tracks at the club. With proper licensing agreements (included with the software), your songs could even be played on the radio, or better yet, included in the artist’s upcoming album.

“We have refined the text-to-speech software that Steven Hawking uses,” Renrich explains, “But unlike Steven’s system, Voxipulator doesn’t sound robotic. The fact that it’s a singing style makes it more natural sounding, as speech is very difficult to replicate. Voice samples rendered to a melody have a musical quality far more realistic sounding than regular speech with its complex nuances such as phrasing and inflections.”

Voxipulator will be released this summer for all next-gen consoles. When asked how he plans to market and promote the system, Renrich jokes, “Word of mouth. Get it?”

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