Singularity for Xbox 360 Coming with Solid, Limited Time Offer

Singularity for Xbox 360 Coming with Solid, Limited Time Offer


The PR team at Activision let us know of a very special offer that we felt was worth mentioning.

“Singularity, Raven Software’s new time-altering shooter hits store shelves on June 29th. For a limited time, fans who purchase the game for the Xbox 360 will receive an exclusive mail-in offer to receive a FREE copy of Radical Entertainment’s recent Platinum hit, PROTOTYPE!”

Unfortunately, we haven’t found this offer corroborated by any retailer yet.  Chances are a stub will be included inside new retail copies.  We are confirming this with Step-3.

Now, some people thought Prototype was weak – in fact, scores were all over the board. I, personally, thought it was one of the best games of 2009. If Singularity interests you, this is a super-nice bonus to sweeten the deal significantly. Of course, you’ll have to act quickly and mostly from your gut, as we won’t be able to get a review to you until at least mid-June.

Maybe the following fact sheet will help you make a decision.

Fact Sheet:

Singularity, the new first-person action game from Raven Software pits shooter and sci-fi fans against a devastating fracture in time. As players attempt to unravel a conspiracy, they must fight their way through an ever-shifting environment, haunted with time-ravaged creatures and mysteries, while sudden time waves hurl them back and forth between 1950 and the present day. Use wits and the perfect weapon for the job – the Time Manipulation Device (TMD) – to unravel the conspiracy behind this timeline calamity and prevent its catastrophic spread.


Intense Combat – Confront time ravaged creatures, Soviet soldiers in the 1950s and modern day elite forces as sudden time waves hurl you back and forth between 1950 and present day.

Time as a Weapon – A full arsenal of weapons, including time itself, are available to use against the conscripts of the 1950s, the intensely trained squads of modern day and the mysterious oddities that the time waves have dragged into different time dimensions. The Time Manipulation Device (TMD), allows for the aging of objects, people and the environment in this harrowing sci-fi action thriller. By unlocking upgrades throughout the epic experience, players harness the full power of the TMD, including the ability to view items outside of their given time frame, transport items between time frames and control gravity.

Conspiracy Driven Storyline – Every question answered spawns more mysteries as players strive to unravel the events and secrecy behind a top-secret Soviet military experiment and mysterious conspiracy. Clues are plentiful as time waves thrust the player between intertwined eras while attempting to unlock the secrets of a mysterious conspiracy.

Epic Sci-Fi Elements – The Unreal 3 Engine allows Raven Software to create a graphically rich, fully interactive world with time playing havoc on the setting and player.

Compelling Multi-player – The added element of time transitions combined with the strong multiplayer history of Raven Software will thrust players into a multi-player experience that they have yet to experience.

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