Sony Dismisses Importantance Of Backwards-Compatibility

Sony Dismisses Importantance Of Backwards-Compatibility


In news that is sure to irk gamers, Sony has just announced that they plan to stop supporting backwards compatibility in their products.  The news comes from their statement outlining their plan to phase out the 60GB PS3 in UK and replace it with the 40GB model, which lacks backwards compatibility.

“…we believe this [backwards compatibility] less important now than when we launched… Furthermore we believe we should now be devoting our resources to the future of PlayStation gaming and delivering next generation experiences”, Sony said in their statement.

In a later statement, Nick Sharples, SCEE Director of Corporate Communications stated that there are no future plans to offer emulation software. “We have no plans to do so at the moment. The sheer numbers of PS2 titles available, together with the increased complexity of using a software only solution for each and every title means that to ensure accurate software emulation for the majority would be technically challenging, time consuming and costly,” he said.

In speaking further about PSOne emulation, Sharples said, “The PS3 has never been equipped with either the CPU or GPU that were used in the original PlayStation, and the backwards compatibility for PS one titles has therefore been made available through software emulation from the beginning. Therefore backwards compatibility for PS1 titles remains the same no matter how many times the model is changed.”

When speaking about PS2 emulation, Sharples had the following to say.  “On the other hand, backwards compatibility for PS2 titles is largely made possible through the use of actual semiconductors, supported by the PS3 system software. The 20GB and 60GB PS3 models launched in Japan and the USA were equipped with both the PS2 Emotion Engine and Graphics Synthesiser chips and we could therefore guarantee over 90% backwards compatibility for PS2 titles.”

Sparples does have a suggestion for consumers that still want backwards compatibility in Europe. “Keen gamers in Europe , for whom backwards compatibility is important, can still purchase the existing 60GB PS3 Starter Pack which contains an extra SIXAXIS controller, two first party titles and has extensive backwards compatibility with PS2 titles.”

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