Star Citizen Creator Talks Release Dates and $100 Million Milestone

Star Citizen Creator Talks Release Dates and $100 Million Milestone

[ Disclaimer: This author has pledged real-life money towards Star Citizen’s development. This author may or may not pledge more in the future. ]

During Chris Roberts BAFTA Masterclass presentation, which went live last night (Wednesday, January 21), the Star Citizen creator finally revealed the projected launch dates for upcoming modules of the titanic crowdfunded project, while also expressing his anticipation of the space simulator reaching a $100 million milestone close to the game’s commercial release.

Over the course of 2015, the remaining modules for Star Citizen will steadily come online, starting with the game’s first-person shooter and planetside / social modules. An update for Arena Commander will arrive thereafter, which will finally enable backers to fly multi-crew ships, which would exponentially increase the amount of flyable ships that are currently available. The first episode of Star Citizen’s singleplayer and the highly anticipated persistent universe will go live closer towards the end of the year, which a commercial release promised for 2016. The full anticipated release dates for Star Citizen’s remaining modules have been detailed below.

  • Spring, 2015:

    • Beta release of the first-person shooter module

    • Planetside / social module enters Beta

  • Sumber, 2015:

    • Arene Commander 2.0 update, enables multi-crew ships

  • Fall, 2015:

    • First episode for Star Citizen’s singleplayer module, Squadron 42

  • End of 2015:

    • Persistent universe module enters Alpha for backers

  • 2016:

    • Star Citizen officially launches.

Roberts believes that over the course of 2015, crowdfunding for Star Citizen (which is currently sitting at $69,755,696 at the time of writing) will reach–and probably surpass–$100 million by the game gets close to public release. Even with that projection in mind, Roberts place importance in community interaction than achieving the next stretch goal milestone.

“We’re incredibly community focused. From the beginning we started with a community site, even before we announced Star Citizen , and we had 30,000 people sign up,” he said during the presentation. “It’s built into the DNA of Cloud Imperium, who’s the company that’s making Star Citizen . It’s the community focus.

Yes, the money is nice. Yes the money enables you to do some of these things you do,” he added, “but it’s really about bringing people in to create this community and have them sort of share that experience with you as you’re building it.”

Currently, there are only two modules that are live for Star CItizen backers: Hanger and Arena Commander. Hanger is where backers can view, sit in and tinker with their in-game ships, whereas Arena Commander is the online dogfighting module where backers can fly, shoot and race their ships (albeit currently single-crew ships only).

[ Source: Polygon ]

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