In-depth Survey Details How Much Backers Have Spent on Star Citizen

In-depth Survey Details How Much Backers Have Spent on Star Citizen

[ Disclaimer: This author has pledged real-life money towards Star Citizen’s development. This author may or may not pledge more in the future. ]

The titanic that is Star Citizen has so far accumulated over 710 thousand backers and nearly $69 million in funding (at the time of writing), and the game is still nowhere near finished. It’s has been reported that people have scratched their heads and questioned why players would spend upwards of $100 on a virtual ship for a game that isn’t even finished. Some of the ships cost a lot of money, to a point where it’s just silly, but how much have backers actually spent on Star Citizen ?

According to a recent survey of nearly 3,800 participants who completed the process (a mere fraction of the total number of backers behind the game), those who earn less than $10,000 a year–22 percent of 955 people–have spent between $50 and $99, and those who earn more than $110,000 a year–57 percent of 169–people have spent between  $1,000 and $9,999.

For perspective, the most expensive standalone ship that currently available for purchase is the Constellation Aquila ($275), while the most expensive game package is the Constellation Aquila – Digital Package ($325). The most expensive combo package is The Completionist, which costs a whopping $15,000.

The survey also contains additional graphs and statistics on demographics, such as the percentage of those who did their research on the game before laying down their money. 36 percent (1,333 people) said that they did a lot of research and another seven percent (257 people) said they pledged money after watching a trailer and reading an article.

1,066 people (29 percent) also agree that Star Citizen’s Arena Commander dogfighting module is “very fun” following its update to version 1.0, compared to 17 percent (1,662 people) in the same category when the module was in version 0.9.2. 1,469 people (39 percent) also own the RSI Aurora, followed by 1,171 people (31 percent) owning a Origin Jumpworks 300 Series.

You can read the ongoing survey in more detail yourself via the source link below.

[ Source(s): Instant.ly ]

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