Steam Wants You To Trade Your Games and Items

Steam Wants You To Trade Your Games and Items


Ever since Steam was introduced in 2002, gamers have become increasingly comfortable purchasing their games digitally, rather than grabbing a physical copy at their favorite retailer. Unfortunately, this delivery method has one major drawback: you can’t get rid of the games that you never wanted in the first place.

Here’s a scenario that we’re all familiar with: Your birthday is coming and you’ve asked your parents to get you a copy of whatever game is popular at the time. But because they’re disconnection from reality, they go to the store and buy a completely different game with a vaguely similar title. What do you do? Throw it on Craigslist, take the monetary loss, and put the money toward the game that you asked for. But if your out-of-touch parents decided gift you a digital copy on Steam, your options just got a little better.

Steam is currently beta testing a trading system for “gifted” games. This means that users will be able to swap copies of their unused games with players who might actually want them. The whole process is accomplished via the recently-added trade window, which can be initiated through steam’s instant messaging service.

Players are also able to trade in-game items, like the coveted Team Fortress 2 hats. Currently TF2 is the only game that supports item trading, but Valve reports that “Portal 2 should be reasonably soon and we hope to have several third-party games in the next few months.”

What are you waiting for? Go find someone who wants your unwanted games. Everyone wins.

By Josh Engen

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