Terminal 2 Comes Late To MW3 On PS3

Terminal 2 Comes Late To MW3 On PS3


If you’re a PS3 owner who loves Modern Warfare 3, you’ve probably been a little bit frustrated with your Xbox 360 friends who get all the cool new maps before you. In fact, they’ve probably been laughing at you. Especially since the Terminal 2 map recently dropped and you’re not allowed to play it yet.

Of course, you can always respond with, “Yeah, well I already played that map in Modern Warfare 2.” And that’s true; this map was ported over from MW2. Still, you should probably find some new friends who aren’t entitled little jerks.

Either way, you’ll finally get your hands on the Terminal 2 map soon. You’ll just have to be patient for a few more weeks.

According to a recent tweet by Infinity Ward, “Terminal will be coming to #MW3 on PS3 August 16th for Elite premium members, August 17th for non-elite.”

So there you have it, PS3 owners. Infinity Ward hasn’t forgotten about you. They just like the Xbox crowd a little bit better.

By Josh Wirtanen

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