The Dig Cheats & Cheat Codes for MS-DOS and Mac OS

The Dig Cheats & Cheat Codes for MS-DOS and Mac OS

LucasArts is known not only for its catalog of great Star Wars titles but also for point-and-click adventure games in the 1990s. On November 24, 1995, LucasArts released The Dig for PC and Mac systems. The title is an adventure game inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories series. The game is a more serious approach to the genre whereas other LucasArts titles usually involve humor. The Dig received mixed reviews with critics praising its atmosphere and soundtrack. The negative reviews came from poor reception of the game’s puzzles, graphics, voice acting, and dialogue. As time passes the game has its fans as The Dig currently sits on Metacritic at a 7.6 user score.

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The Premise of The Dig

The Dig has similar gameplay to other point-and-click adventure games of the era. The player uses a mouse cursor to point and interact with people, objects, and other parts of the environment. The story follows Commander Boston Low, the leader of a five-person crew onboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis. The crew is on a journey to prevent a large asteroid from colliding with the planet. The game also has a communicator menu minigames called Asteroid Lander. This mini-game is similar to Atari’s 1979 release, Lunar Lander.

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The Main Characters Of The Dig

  • Commander Boston Low – the leader of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and the player character.
  • Dr. Ludger Brink – a person who led a US geological team mapping the surface of Venus.
  • Maggie Robbins – a journalist and is the only other member of the Attila mission to not be NASA trained, the other being the geologist Ludger Brink.
  • Ken Bordern – the pilot of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.
  • Cora Miles – NASA technician who is also running for Congress.

Other Titles in The Series

The Dig is not a part of a franchise.

The Dig Cheat Codes

Boston Clone – Go to the Tram Control room, the underwater room at the end of the long tunnel from the Nexus — you know, the one that shows a cinema sequence with the flashlight when you go through it. Go to the far left window and look out into the water. Boston will comment on the underwater tunnel. Now type ‘SWANS’ on the keyboard, and watch carefully. This doesn’t affect anything game-wise, it’s just a goofy little trick.

Boston’s huge muscles – Press Control + B to make Boston flex his muscles, producing an often funny reaction from his teammates. This only works if you are not in space.

Alternate Ending – After Brink dies the second time, use the eyepiece in his machine once more to get two extra-life crystals. Then, when Maggie dies, use a life crystal on her to view an alternate ending at the end.

The Dig Cheat Code FAQ

How do you exit The Dig game? – Quitting To quit The Dig, press Alt-X (on most computers). If you plan to return to the game you’re playing, remember to save the game before quitting.

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