There’s No Indication of Breach in Origin Security, EA Assures

There’s No Indication of Breach in Origin Security, EA Assures

With recent customer reports claiming they’ve experienced unauthorized purchases on their Origin accounts, Electronic Arts has publically stated that there’s been no indication of a security breach regarding its digital distribution client.

According to an EA representative, the publisher has “found no indication at this point of a breach of [its] Origin account database.” Origin users are still encouraged to user the login details, and to report any suspicious account activity to EA’s customer support service.

Initial reports of unauthorized Origin account usage surfaced on Reddit, where users were reporting purchases they didn’t make. At the time, the extent of the supposed security breach was unknown, at least until EA responded to the matter.

According to PC Gamer, user reports ranged from failed attempts to purchase games through their accounts and users being charged for games they didn’t buy. Going by user experiences detailed on the Reddit thread, it’d be advisable for those who feel they may be at risk to change their account details as soon as possible, despite EA’s assurance.

For added security, you can enable a two-step verification process for your Origin account, which will send a code to either your email or your mobile (whichever you choose). You can find instructions on how to activate this feature via the Origin client by heading into “Account and Privacy” and then “Security”.

[ Source(s): PC Gamer / Reddit ]

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