Top Spin 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox 360

Top Spin 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox 360

Top Spin 2


Winning in Career mode

Try to get your career stats as follows:

    Speed: 10
    Focus: 10
    Service: 8
    Forehand: 10
    Backhand: 10
    Precision: 10
    Power: 10

Disregard all the other attributes, especially Stamina. If you remain focused on what your player and CPU is doing and try to win the point as soon as possible, Stamina does not matter. Reflexes also do not matter, unless you really like moving towards the net. However, most players probably choose to use the baseline and only come up to the net when the other player or CPU does a dump volley. Volley is not really that useful either, especially if you are a baseline player. Spins are only useful if you know exactly when and how to use them (like the lob), so it is recommended to disregard these attributes. Precision is fairly important, so if you divide the Focus and Precision with 5 each, it can be useful.

The worst players to play against are Leyton Hewitt and Carlos Moya. The worst service to be up against is that of Andy Roddick. If you defeat them and get past the service of Roddick, then the grand slams and masters tournaments should be pretty easy to win. When any player is serving against you, press the Y button for a lob. This gives you the chance to slow the service down and get back into the center of the court so that you can do whatever you want when the CPU returns it. This does not always work, however, because the CPU sometimes rushes forward and does a power volley and hits it into a corner you cannot reach. Try to aim the lob towards the side of the net where the CPU is not. In place of the lob, you can instead do a top spin return (B) to the corner of the court the CPU is not at.

When first playing the game, the only you should worry about using is the Safe Shot (A) because it never goes out of bounds. It is never a risk, and always goes where you want. This shot alone will not win you any tournaments, especially if you are up against people like Hewitt or Moya, and it can get a little repetitive.

The Top Spin is probably one of the most important shots in the game (B). If you use it wisely, you will usually come out on top. You must know exactly when and how to use it. This is where the attributes come in. Top Spin shots work especially well when the other player is on one side of the court and you want to place a shot into the other before he or she can get there. This is where Power, Focus and/or Precision comes in. If you have high Power attributes, your shot will be faster and will be hit harder into the corner. If you have a high Focus and/or Precision, chances are that the ball will be hit exactly where you want it to go.

There is no easy way of avoiding the ball going out of the court for Top Spin shots. It is just a question of practice. This means going to either Exhibition mode or less important tournaments like the Minors. The easiest way to do it is to aim your shot first then hold B for less than a second, or simply just press it without holding and aim your shot for less than a second. Never go over one second (timing is important) or it will just go out.

It is recommended to always use every single shot in your arsenal against the top players. You simply cannot afford to keep using your Safe Shots all the time. Divide your time between Top Spin shots, Lobs, Safe Shots and the LT + X, LT + A, LT + B, LT + RT shots. Only use the spins to slow down fast rallies. Only use the Lobs when you are sure that you can either hit the ball beyond the opponent or if you know you can get it in time when the opponent strikes it back.

Never use the Risk Shots until you are highly confident in how they work. Risk Serves are a great way of starting a game with speed. High Focus attributes help a lot as well because the bar before the risk serve moves slower and the yellow part at the top is a lot bigger. You will have a greater chance of pulling off faster serves. If you have high Power attributes, chances are that you will get between 135 to 145 mph serves. Another serving tip (especially for online mode) if you really want to play with the head of your opponent, divide your time between doing Risk Serves using the A button and Risk Serves using X (underarm serves). Be unpredictable. Underarm serves are also an easy way to win easy points when playing the CPU, as long as you keep your eyes on the ball every time.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points (1,000 total possible points):

    Win First Exhibition Match (25 points): Win a match in Exhibition mode.
    Win First Match In Career Mode (25 points): Win a match in Career mode.
    Win First Career Tournament (25 points): Win a tournament in Career mode.
    Complete First Career (200 points): Play through an entire career.
    Reach #1 World Rank In Career (100 points): Reach the top of the World Rankings in Career mode.
    End Career With 1 000 Points (250 points): Successfully complete a career with over 1,000 career points.
    Beat All Female Pro Players (75 points): Defeat all female licensed players in Exhibition mode.
    Beat All Male Pro Players (75 points): Defeat all male licensed players in Exhibition mode.
    Win First Ranked Match (25 points): Defeat any opponent in an Xbox Live Ranked match.
    Play 50 Ranked Matches (100 points): Play in 50 Xbox Live Ranked matches.
    Win 25 Ranked Matches (100 points): Win 25 Xbox Live Ranked matches.
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