Uncharted 3 Fixed By Fans

Uncharted 3 Fixed By Fans


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has been a tremendous critical success. That said, the fans have been extremely vocal in expressing their displeasure with the game’s new aiming mechanics. The feel, they’ve said, is off, specifically in single-player. Feedback was so persistent, in fact, and so incredibly detailed and analytically sound that Naughty Dog decided to listen.

So they brought a couple of local fans into their studio.

In concert with these fans, they set to work tweaking the aiming, bringing its overall feel closer to that of Uncharted 2. Though there is no announced release date for the patch containing these fixes, Naughty Dog has promised not to leave those who do like the new aiming out in the cold. There will be a toggle, allowing players to pick their preferred aiming mechanic, ensuring that everyone leaves happy.

It’s not entirely unprecedented for a studio to bring its fans in to help them make positive changes to their game, but the only other example that jumps to mind is CCP and the parliament of players that helps them govern EVE Online. Naughty Dog’s assessment of their volunteers? Naughty Dog’s community liaison, Arne Meyer, explains:

“They definitely weren’t here ‘blinded by the light.’ These are our fans, so I don’t want to say they came in with a massively critical chip on their shoulder over it, but the two guys that we brought in, I think they were really sharp in terms of being analytical and being upfront with what the changes were, and they were very clear and direct about what it was, and it was actually super helpful for us.”

And there you have it.

By Shelby Reiches

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