UPDATED: Call Of Duty Is Currently Down

UPDATED: Call Of Duty Is Currently Down


If you were planning to spend your Friday evening collecting double points and picking fights with prepubescent gamers on Modern Warfare 3, you might be out of luck. Something has apparently gone awry over at Activision’s secret mountaintop lair, because players have been experiencing connection issues for the last couple of hours.

However, don’t bother checking with Activision’s website for a status update, because it has, apparently, not been informed of the problem. Instead, you’ll find a status message indicating that all services are “fully operational.”

According to Activision’s forums, this predicament isn’t just affecting Modern Warfare 3, either. Black Ops is also having problems, which probably means that the issue is on Activision’s end, and isn’t a problem with Xbox LIVE or the PlayStation Network.

Obviously, we don’t know much about when the issue will be resolved, so it might be time to call some real life friends, or that girl you have a crush on.

Who am I kidding? You’re all just going to sit in front of your television and keep trying to reconnect. I know that’s what I’m going to do.

UPDATE: Several players are reporting that the servers seem to be coming back up little by little. In the meantime, Cheat Code Central’s own Editor/News Director has managed to confirm that Black Ops seems to be running fine on PSN. While maintaining a pretty healthy KDR, we might add.

By Josh Engen

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