Valve Promises Large Presence at GDC 2015, Skips Steam Dev Days

Valve Promises Large Presence at GDC 2015, Skips Steam Dev Days

Valve has announced that it’ll be skipping this year’s Steam Dev Days developer conference, purely because the developer doesn’t see a reason to host one, reports say. Over a thousand developers were said to be readying up to attend the event in Seattle. This year, Valve’s focus “will be a bit different,” and according to developer, and so it has decided to go with a different plan instead.

While Valve acknowledges that Steam Dev Days was an opportunity for the studio to talk with a lot of Steam developers, it explained that it would make more sense to host one whenever the developer had debuted new technology, which it has so far yet to do since the Steam Machine last year.

Because things will be a different for 2015, Valve has announced that it’ll be planning “a larger than usual presence” at this year’s DGC. Even though there won’t be a Steam Dev Days conference this year, the developer has said that it would “certainly consider doing it again in the future.”

Steam Dev Days is described as an industry-only event that’s off-the-record. It’s reported that last year’s conference was easygoing for those who attended, who are said to have had a good time. Only Steam developers were at the conference, so curious onlookers only had the #SteamDevDays hashtag to follow, which provided various images and chatter about what was going on during the event.

This year’s GDC will be taking place on Monday, March 2 through to Friday, March 6 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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