Steam Users tried to rig Steam Summer Adventure; Valve Steps In

Steam Users tried to rig Steam Summer Adventure; Valve Steps In

Steam recently started it’s Summer Sale at the end of last week, and one of the things accompanying the Sale is the Steam Summer Adventure, which is sort of like a community-driven event that’ll allow for you to win in-game items, community and team rewards, and free games as well.

However, as investigated by PC Gamer on Tuesday, June 24, some community members have been trying to rig the Summer Adventure so that the event would bring about equal victory to everyone on Steam instead of the respective colored groups competing against each other.

Valve has since stepped in to adjust the contest so as to encourage competition among Steam users, some community members still aren’t happy about the whole thing.

The way Steam’s Summer Adventure works is to encourage users to craft a badge by using a set of seasonal Steam Cards to unlock a few things like a unique wallpaper, a Steam chat emoticon or an in-game item for participating games. Participating Steam users of the Summer Adventure are randomly assigned to one of five colored houses: Red, Pink, Purple, Blue or Green.

Crafting a badge earns points for your house, and 30 members of the winning team can receive three random games from their wishlist.

What community members did was try to at least mitigate the Summer Adventure by forming an organised coalition to the competition out of the event, as they believed that the Sale’s 12-day period wasn’t the best time to host the Adventure–as users are buying games left, right and centre right now. Calling themselves “Team White”, the coalition proposed that each house should win twice, on designated days, through the Summer Sale until Saturday, June 28.

It’s not really a fun competition when the only real way to win is to spend a lot of cash, ” one of Team White’s members told PC Gamer. “ If they did some kind of event that involved playing games it would be a lot more fun to compete, but they didn’t, so I figured we all may as well work as a group and give everyone a fair chance at winning some games.

According to PC Gamer, Team White’s plans went smoothly up until Tuesday, when Valve caught wind of the lack of competition between the houses, and so changed the contest to award second- and third-place prizes to the runners-up of each day.

It’s turned into a free-for-all, once I had heard of the news I knew it was going to go to hell, ” Red Team’s leader told PC Gamer after noticing Valve’s changes to the competition. “ However, I believe, as many other Redditors do too, that the new rules for the competition were to prevent the rigging of the competition, as we saw yesterday when Pink one with over a million points above everyone else, Valve had to take action.

However, I personally don’t believe the changes to the rules are even worth it, as people’s chances are even more reduces to win, as-if it wasn’t hard enough already to get a winning three games, it’ll be even harder for the 2nd place and 3rd place and not even worth the effort, ” they added.

You can read PC Gamer’s investigative report on the matter via the source link below.

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