Direct2Drive Moves Over To GameFly

Direct2Drive Moves Over To GameFly


Last summer, when GameFly announced that they would be acquiring Direct2Drive from IGN, GameFly’s end game wasn’t completely clear. However, yesterday the companies announced that they would be migrating Direct2Drive’s customer base over to GameFly at the beginning of the year.

Surprising? Not really.

In fact, I doubt that anyone will really be even remotely startled by this announcement. Earlier this month, GameFly rolled out the beta version of their PC client, which bears a few striking similarities to the Direct2Drive service. However, the client also includes an “Unlimited Game Play” feature, which has several gamers salivating.

Currently Valve’s Steam Service eats up roughly 70% of the sales in the digital distribution market, and Direct2Drive is one of the only major competitors. However, with GameFly rolling their rental customers, streaming customers, and Direct2Drive customers all into on convenient location, they may actually be able to flex their muscle a little more and give users an alternative to the Steam behemoth.

But, before that can happen, their customers are going to have to jump through a few hoops. Direct2Drive has posted an FAQ which encourages customers to backup copies of any previously purchased games, to protect themselves from any unforeseen issues, and gives instructions on the migration process.

Currently, GameFly is planning to yank the plug on Direct2Drive in early January, but no specific date has been announced.

By Josh Engen

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