Origin Client Will Be Required For All Copies Of Battlefield 3

Origin Client Will Be Required For All Copies Of Battlefield 3


In a move that’s undoubtedly going to make a large number of Battlefield 3 players angry, EA has announced that they will require players to download their Steam-like Origin client in order to play Battlefield 3.

Recently EA announced that Battlefield 3 would not be available on Valve’s Steam platform. Instead, they gave players the option to download their Origin service, but many Steam users responded by heading to their local retail store to pre-order a physical copy of BF3. However, now DICE, the developer behind Battlefield 3, has confirmed that players will be required to install the Origin software even if they have purchased a physical copy.

Unfortunately, this maneuver is pretty brilliant on EA’s part. Players are going to play the game regardless of whatever superfluous requirements that EA puts into place. And after a few months of using Origin, EA will be able to deliver a stream of content and advertisements right to your eyeballs.

Don’t forget, we’ve all seen this before; EA is simply borrowing a move from Valve’s playbook. Valve started requiring players to use Steam when they released Half-Life 2 in 2004.

So don’t worry. We’ll all get through this transition too.

By Josh Engen

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