Valve Won’t Tolerate Plagiarism

Valve Won’t Tolerate Plagiarism


Valve has always been good about letting players create their own content for their popular games.

Case in point, a user recently created a mace for Dota 2, and the community loved it. Seeing the massive fan response, Valve let this mace into the game as the “Timebreaker” in Sithli’s Summer Chest. There’s only one problem though, the mace wasn’t exactly original. Yes, like the best of college term papers, the mace was plagiarized. It came from Aion, to be specific.

Unfortunately, this only came to Valve’s attention after nearly 25,000 people purchased the mace, meaning that all of these people needed to have that mace removed, replaced by another item, and all of the proceeds had to be taken away from the plagiarizer.

Because of all the negative consequences cause by this plagiarized item, Valve has put out the call for fans to keep their eyes peeled for other plagiarized items in the future. They ask that the community report any copied items with the report flag function. If the community remains vigilant, then issues like this should happen less in the future, or hopefully not at all.

Honestly, the user that submitted the copied item should consider himself lucky; plagiarism like this can be grounds for a lawsuit.

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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