Witcher 3 Content is Now “Locked,” Games’ Completion Inferred

Witcher 3 Content is Now “Locked,” Games’ Completion Inferred

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been delayed (again) until May of next year and, even with the development time, it has been revealed that the third addition to the main Witcher series may be more completed than previously assumed.

In speaking with Nerdacy via email shortly after the developer announced the second delay for the game, CD Projekt RED’s co-founder and CEO, Marcin Iwinski, essentially revealed that what’s left to be done with The Witcher 3 is optimization and bug removal, as the game’s content has been “ locked, ” meaning that nothing new will be added to the game.

We are removing the final bugs and still running optimization in various areas. What it will result in is a smoother and more engaging experience and, yes, the game looking better across all platforms, ” Iwinski told Nerdacy.

The content is locked, so no content changes are being made at this point. The scale of the open world in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is unprecedented, so fear not – there is enough gameplay to keep you playing for weeks.

This could be interpreted as meaning that The Witcher 3 is close to completion, and the extra development time is being used as a buffer to ensure that the game will run as smoothly as possible on all its launch platforms. This may come as a relief to the minds of some, especially in the light of games releasing in the latter half of the year that have been worryingly buggy at launch.

The Witcher 3’s new launch date, which was previously pushed until February next year following the game’s first delay, has now been slated to release on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 for  PC (Windows), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

[ Source(s): Nerdacy ]

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