Mario Party DS

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Completion bonuses

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock the Expert CPU difficulty setting; Triangle Twister Puzzle mode; Sound Test options; and Boss Bash and Score Scuffle mini-games.

Rocket Rascals mini-game

Successfully complete Story mode and the Study Fall, Short Fuse, Soccer Survival, Chips and Dips, and Trash Landing mini-games to unlock the Rocket Rascals mini-game.

All mini-games

Link to another Nintendo DS in the game in Party mode to unlock all mini-game.

Control ending screen

Successfully complete Story mode. When the characters appear during the ending sequence, tap them with the stylus to make them jump.

Control character figures in gallery

Go to "Gallery", "Collection", then "Character Figures". Select a figure to view. Tap the figure with your stylus, and it will jump.

Easy wins in Track Star mini-game

If you are one of the three versus the single person, use the following trick to win easily. When you are escaping (the left or right arrows), look at the player on the train's face. In the countdown near one, if his of her face is looking left or right, choose the opposite arrow. For example, left face is right arrow and right face is left arrow.

Make Piranha Plant spit fire in Wiggerlers Garden

If an opponent lands on a Piranha Plant space, rapidly tap the Piranha Plant to make it spit fire. This will not always work, but you are more likely to make it spit fire if you tap it with the stylus.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding badge:

    Bob-omb Rival: Get 15,000 Mario Party points.
    Boo Rival: Get 7,000 Mario Party points.
    Bowser Jr. Rival : Get 35,000 Mario Party points.
    Bowser Rival : Get 37,000 Mario Party points.
    Cheep Cheep Rival: Get 5,000 Mario Party points.
    Daisy Master: Successfully complete Story mode with Daisy.
    Diddy Kong Friend : Get 21,000 Mario Party points.
    Donkey Kong Friend : Get 33,000 Mario Party points.
    Dry Bones Rival : Get 29,000 Mario Party points.
    Goomba Rival: Get 1,000 Mario Party points.
    Hammer Bro Rival : Get 27,000 Mario Party points.
    Kamek Rival : Get 31,000 Mario Party points.
    Koopa Friend : Get 23,000 Mario Party points.
    Luigi Master: Successfully complete Story mode with Luigi.
    Mario Master: Successfully complete Story mode with Mario.
    Mario Party DS Beginner: Start the game.
    Mario Party DS Master: Get 50,000 Mario Party points.
    Mario Party DS Star : Get 39,000 Mario Party points.
    Monty Mole Rival: Get 13,000 Mario Party points.
    Peach Master: Successfully complete Story mode with Peach.
    Piranha Plant Rival : Get 25,000 Mario Party points.
    Scuttlebug Rival: Get 3,000 Mario Party points.
    Shy Guy Rival: Get 9,000 Mario Party points.
    Toad Master: Successfully complete Story mode with Toad.
    Toadette Friend: Get 19,000 Mario Party points.
    Waluigi Master: Successfully complete Story mode with Waluigi.
    Wario Master: Successfully complete Story mode with Wario.
    Whomp Rival: Get 11,000 Mario Party points.
    Wiggler Friend: Get 17,000 Mario Party points.
    Yoshi Master: Successfully complete Story mode with Yoshi.

Boss trophies

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy at the Gallery menu:

    Defeaten Dry Bones: Defeat Dry Bones five times.
    Defeaten Hammer Bro: Defeat Hammer Bro five times.
    Defeaten Kamek: Defeat Kamek five times.
    Defeaten Piranha Plant: Defeat Piranha Plant four times.
    Bomb Seed: Defeat Piranha Plant three times.
    Bowser's MegaMorph Belt: Defeat Bowser.
    Delicious Durian: Defeat Dry Bones two times.
    Dry Bones's Bone: Defeat Dry Bones four times.
    Electromagnetic Generator: Defeat Bowser two times.
    Enchanted Bookcase: Defeat Kamek two times.
    Hammer Bro's Hammer: Defeat Hammer Bro four times.
    Jagged Leaf: Defeat Piranha Plant.
    Kamek's Blue Dictionary: Defeat Kamek four times.
    Kamek's Brown Book: Defeat Kamek three times.
    Magic Switch: Defeat Dry Bones three times.
    Toadette's Chair: Defeat Hammer Bro.
    Toadette's Piano: Defeat Hammer Bro two times.
    Toadette's Timpano: Defeat Hammer Bro three times.
    Winner's Ballon: Defeat Piranha Plant two times.
    Winner's Pen: Defeat Kamek.
    Yummy Lychee: Defeat Dry Bones.
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