Daisy: Special Investigation

Like Rama's, Daisy's recruitment is part of the main campaign. It also serves a tour of the newer, darker Seoul. Begin your quest to secure this delicate blossom by tagging the marker outside a warehouse.

Your first objective is to destroy a supply vehicle. This is a car, not a truck, so you'll want something agile to take it down (the Hammerhead is fine). Once it's busted, you'll switch gears and take out your first Dark Matter Drill.

The pattern here is pretty straightforward- there are three consoles on the ground. Hack a console, wait 30 seconds for a system reroute, then hack the next. The difficulty comes in doing so while under constant attack from LEGION minions and random explosions from the drill itself.

Fortune is an ideal agent here- she has an aerial dash, she's fast, and her Quicksand ability makes her even faster while keeping enemies out of her hair. At higher levels she can instahack consoles (though at even higher levels, consoles can't be instahacked), and her MAYHEM ability is good for neutralizing enemies without having to pay attention to them.

Once you hack the third console, the objective completes. Your reward includes XP, Cash, a Gadget and an Upgrade Core.

Your next step is to retake the Outpost you took earlier. The good news is that the inventory boxes along the way have be refreshed as well- they may even be in the same places.

Taking the otupost is just as it was before- destroy enough equipment to fill your meter, kill enough LEGION to keep them from killing you. This time, though, the final commander is a LEGION robot field captain.

As before, you don't need to defeat the commander in order to hack the console and take the base.

This serves up a Mission Complete, with the usual reward, but your special investigation here is not over.

Your next objective is to take out a LEGION patrol. Remember to look for the target marks, so you don't just accidentally pick a fight with some random LEGION goons.

Take out another patrol, this time in a warehouse complex.

This time you get the intel you need, which points to a hostage situation atop a construction site.

Look for the platform loader to gain access.

The hostage is very lightly guarded. Kill the LEGIONoid and free the hostage in the normal fashion.

This gives you the intel you need, and final mission completion.

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