Braddock: Street Fight

This Braddock episode follows up on her recruitment mission, finally tracking down the turncoat Marine Hauser. Touch the marker to launch the mission. Your objective, like all the objectives for this mission, is easiest reached on foot. In this case, it leads you to a covered bridge outside Scooter's Char-B-Q: an obvious ambush.

Still, you didn' come here to play it safe. Trigger the attack, and then fight off the waves of LEGION, starting with helltroopers ahead of you and blitztroopers behind. Take them out. If Hauser doesn't appear, check the roof of the C-B-Q for straggling blitztroopers that haven't joined the fight.

When this initial wave is dealt with, Hauser appears on the roof with some blitztrooper bodyguards. Hit them with your debuff ammo, then gun them down. The blitzies die, but Hauser teleports away when he dips below 75% health.

Jog to the next objective. Helltroopers will ambush you in pairs, but there's no serious resistance.

When you reach the next checkpoint, a snipetrooper appears on the roof of the white brick building. Immediately jump up and destroy them.

Dispose of the helltroopers and swarmtroopers below (watch out for one high level helltrooper mixed in with the recruits) to summon Hauser, and his blitztrooper bodyguards. As before,a steady diet of debuff and focused fire will send him packing- this time at %50 health.

The next objective is the final fight. Be prepared for a large number of civilians, and a shocktrooper mixed in with the first wave.

It's good practice to keep your mayhem move in reserve to deal with Hauser's contingent of bodyguards, which now includes shock troopers. Hauser himself seems to spend most of his time running for cover, making this a relatively easy kill.

Hauser's death is followed a bit of dialogue and mission completion. This also unlocks a new device and weapons skin for Braddock.

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