Red Card: The Big Game

Red Card's first solo mission has some funny dialogue, but the mission design is mildly uninspired. Hit the marker to begin

You will now do the same thing four times in a row. First, follow your marker to a Lair.

Second,face one challenge room. In the first two lairs, this will be a 'Kill All Enemies' challenge, in the third it will be two security terminal hacks, and in the last it will be 'Destroy LEGION equipment.'

Third – go the next room and face the captured player. They'll appear as elite gray-suited helltroopers.

Attack them until they are at half-health, at which point a dizzy indicator will appear above their heads. Move close and Interact with them to free them.

Freeing the fourth and final kidnappee immediately ends the mission, and unlocks Red Card.

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