The default minibosses of the early and mid game, shocktroopers are a right pain. They can dish out and take large amounts of damage, and the time spent evading their punishing ground-pound attacks is often time the juggernauts are using to repair their shields. They're particularly deadly in groups, and in confined spaces (such as the Relic Trading Company sites). Oni and Scherazade are both well-designed for down shocktroopers, and, Joule can use Volta to distract and deshield them, even in larger numbers.

At a distance, Shocktroopers can throw homing spikes that look a lot like Swarmtrooper daggers. These are dismissible for most of the game, but at the higher dificulties they pack a surprising punch, and should be dodged if possible. Look sharp, though- one missile always seems to lag just a little behind the rest, specifically to tag agents who haven't dodged far enough.

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