Mission 01 – Prologue

MISSION 01 – Prologue



When you get movement control of the police officer, sigh at the interruption to your meal and take a walk over to the corner booth. Then start shooting up the restaurant (obvious logical connection). You may be able to take a few out, but eventually you will fail this supposed-to-lose fight via a massive headbutt to the face. After watching the chaos Scarecrow's announcement causes, the criminals will have taken the city. Once again. Geez. This place is easier to take over than a taco bell.



Main Objective: Stop Scarecrow from detonating the fear toxin bomb

Objective: Target Detail – Meet Commissioner Gordon by the Bat-Signal on the GCPD rooftop


You will take control of Batman on top of something tall in Panessa Studios (i.e. Batman's natural place at rest). Follow the objective marker to the police station in the Cauldron by gliding across the rooftops.



Objective: Rescue the missing police officer.


Now you can actually see where Batman goes for once after he does his usual vanishing act. Head North-West to the objective marker. Once you reach him, start taking out the thugs that like to tempt fate by loudly voicing their thoughts that Batman won't show up and that they enjoy having a mouth full of teeth. Prove them wrong. The game will give you helpful button prompts to perform the different actions.



Basic combat controls:

  • X / Square – Attack
  • Y / Triangle – Counter
  • Left Stick + AA / Left Stick + XX – Evade
  • LT – Disrupt enemy charge
  • B / Circle – Stun

Note: By avoiding taking damage, you build up a special finisher move which can take down up to five enemies at once.


Depending on how well you do (more damage to enemies, less to yourself, varied attacks) you will get a better score and therefore more experience, which is only one of the ways you can power up Batman in this game. After taking out the thugs, walk over to the officer and interact with him to trigger the rescue. After the cut scene, press LB to even the odds.



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