Mission 09 – Interrogate Penguin

MISSION 09 – Interrogate Penguin



Objective: Rendezvous with Nightwing to get intel on Penguin's whereabouts


Cruise across the city to the marked location, where you will find yourself overlooking one of Penguin's trucks as well as some of his goons. Once you have finished your chat, you will obtain a new gadget: the Disruptor. This nifty little device can disable certain electronic/ mechanical devices by firing rounds at them from range. Very handy when preparing for a fight against multiple gun toting enemies. It can also temporarily deactivate mini-guns, which can be a great help later in the game.


Thanks to the Disruptor you now have the option to take out a few of the weapons held by the thugs next to the truck below. Targets here include the ammo stash, the weapons, and doing a second shot on a weapon to make it explode in a non lethal way. Once you have taken out the thugs, tag the vehicle and walk up to the back door of the truck to scare them a little.



For this next bit you will need to follow them while not in the Batmobile (shocking I know). Stay out of sight but within the signal range and they will eventually lead you to their hideout. Listening to their slightly ironic banter all the way there. When you arrive, scope out the rooftop first to see five or six guards armed with guns. Take out the thugs, making use of your new Disruptor if you want to.


Note: The game can glitch shortly afterwards if you don't take out ALL of the guards on the roof. So make sure they are all down before you head further inside the building. If this glitch does occur, you will need to select the restart option in the menu and perform the fight against Penguin's thugs again.



Objective: Access the weapons cache and interrogate Penguin


Head inside by dropping through the grate and make your way under the floor, popping up from nowhere to start interrogating Penguin while maintaining your level of Batawesome. During the interrogation, you'll have multiple opportunities to counter attacking thugs, so make sure you are ready for it. When the interrogation is done, you'll be fighting side by side with Nightwing. Make use of team takedowns as well as the weapons strewn across the room when you knock them out of enemy hands. There aren't any special enemies in the pack, so you shouldn't have any problems here.



After the fight is over and you can proceed, head into the vault and spray explosive gel on the weapons locker. Close the huge vault door and make sure you aren't too close before detonating it. On the way out, you'll be part of an interactive scene.


While the guards are distracted, grapple up to the beams below to avoid being destroyed by the ambush. Even though you just acquired it, you cannot use the Disruptor on the sentry guns. Instead, call in the Batmobile and make your way up to the top of the nearby parking structure. From your new vantage point blast the goons and sentry guns into dust.



Afterwards, you'll have a brief chat with Alfred about Scarecrow before the next mission begins.


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