The End

MISSION 24 – The End



Note: This mission isn't particularly difficult, so you should play through it without a guide for the story impact if possible. Below are a few hints about certain situations during the mission as opposed to an actual walkthrough to avoid plot spoilers.


Note: Shortly after you reach the first objective marker, the game will scan your percentage completion of most wanted missions to determine the ending given to you. This will be represented late in the mission by the Nightfall protocol (examining your mission select screen will show 100% complete tasks glowing orange and adding to the Nightfall counter).


Ending 1: Less than 75% completion
Ending 2 75% – 99% completion
Ending 3 100% completion



Objective: Surrender to Scarecrow to save Robin and Gordon?




  • Head across town to the marked warehouse in Kingston.
  • Listen to Scarecrow on the monitors inside.
  • Interact with the wooden bench below the monitors.
  • Walk over to the truck doors and step inside.





  • Listen to Scarecrow





  • Climb onto the dumpster to the right of the fence
  • Climb over the fence
  • Examine and interact with the bodies in the middle of the alley
  • Battle the attacking army, using the special B+Y/ Circle+Triangle takedowns when you can.
  • You must perform the kill. The game will not progress until you do – although the dialogue have several options until it starts repeating.



Fear vision:


  • When you regain control after the long scene in Arkham Asylum, keep shooting the henchmen. The flow will stop eventually.
  • Get out of the vehicle and enter the orange door with blue lights on both sides of it.
  • Follow the linear path.
  • When you reach each character, shoot them.
  • Watch another scene play out at Arkham Asylum



Fear vision part 2:


  • After everything goes dark, press Y/ Triangle to turn on the flashlight when prompted
  • Watch the small repeat of the intro of the game, before turning around and going through a door to the left
  • Follow the candlelit pathway until you reach the statue at the end and wait for the dialogue to finish.
  • Turn around and follow the tunnel to the left
  • Take the left path at the path split and walk to the end
  • Turn around and go back the way you came towards the light at the end of the tunnel (you will need to fire your weapon to get past an obstacle)
  • Exhaust your dialogue options with Harley (until the talk prompt no longer appears), then blast your way through the chairs to the new doorway in the wall.
  • Examine the newspaper on the desk and listen to the radio broadcast
  • Afterwards, go through the newly appeared doorway to enter a courtyard with a lone statue in the middle
  • You will need to move to the center of the courtyard to trigger the scene after a certain amount of movement and time passes.
  • Shoot the cracked wall with light behind it afterwards
  • Interact with the exit lever at the end of the walkway
  • Try and fire if you wish
  • Fight your opponent and try to knock them toward the container you arrived in, using takedowns and normal attacks. You can pick them up when they are lying stunned on the ground as well.
  • When they are holding onto the edges, continually tap X/ Square to perform a beatdown attack, triggering a scene at the end.



GCPD lockup:


Objective: Rendezvous with the Batwing on the roof of GCPD to initiate the Nightfall protocol


  • Examine your mission select screen (d-pad right) to see your completion percentage and work out which ending you will get
  • Walk towards the lit up bat-signal on the roof of GCPD to trigger the final ending scenes.



That's it everybody. Congratulations on completing Batman: Arkham Knight. New Game+ awaits you if you desire, or maybe those AR challenges are calling your name.


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