Grand Slam (George Wilson)

Grand Slam (George Wilson)

Find George in the Oberlin Picnic Area of Jacob's territory.

Speak with him to get the official quest for rounding up the collectible baseball cards in Hope County.

There are nine to find, and he'll automatically put one on your map. Find the others at the locations below.

McNeill Residence

West of Fort Drubman, in the northern bit of Jacob's Territory.

The garage-shed east of the house holds the baseball card, on a high shelf.

Unmarked Golden Valley Gas Station

This one is just southwest of the Clagett Boathouse

The card is inside, on a shelf in the clothing section.

Unmarked Trailer

This one is atop the hill northeast of the Baron Lumber Mill.

Bust open the door slats to gain entry.

The whole place is something of a shrine. Find the baseball card on a shelf below the clock.

Unnamed Cabin

A small cabin on a ledge north of Cedar Lake. The cabin doors are unlocked, and the card is on a chest-of-drawers inside.

Unnamed Ex-Nursery

This is south of the PIN-K0 radio station outpost in Jacob's territory

The card is on a display shelf inside.

Unnamed Radio Tower

You'll pass through here during the Radio Silence mission.

If you're here on mission, there are about nine hostiles, including a heavy by the base of the tower. No bonus for stealth, though the rocks near the entrance and the scenic terrace both make for good sniping positions.

Check in the cabin here for the collectible baseball card.

Cooper Cabin

You'll pass through this location in Jacob's territory during the Gearing Up mission.

Five guards stalk the grounds, but no specialists.

Clear them out, then search the cabin. If you're in-mission, Wheaty will whine about it, but you can find a safe there, and one of the collectible baseball cards.

Other Unnamed Cabin

You'll pass by this cabin southeast of the FANG center here during the Prodigal Son mission to recruit Hurk.

The card is on a display shelf inside.

FANG Center

Clear this central outpost in Jacob's territory to gain access to the card, and many other things.

The card itself is in the front office.

Return to George in the Oberlin Picnic Area with all cards to complete the mission. Refreshingly, George isn't just going to resell them on the internet.

You'll get the usual $900 collector's reward, plus access to the same sort of shirt that George is wearing.

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