Only You (Jacob)

Only You

When you've finally pushed Jacob to his limit, this mission will trigger.

As before, you'll black out, and come to in a cage. Then it's back to the course.

The course is exactly the same as before, except that your time window is slightly tighter, and that final faceless figure is 'revealed' as Eli.

There's no way to avoid killing him- no escapes or timeouts. Shoot him for some Jacobean gloating.

As you come to, Tammy is remarkably supportive, considering you could still be conditioned to kill, say, all the Whitetails. But you aren't, for whatever reason. When the cutscene ends, you exit the bunker into a minor hellscape.

First, deal with the charging wolves. Like all enemies in this sequence, they're mainy illusory- a single bullet will dispel them, though they can (and will) do damage if they reach you.

Then destroy the beacon. Note that the beacons are exceptionally explosive- it's not an issue now, but something to keep in mind as you move through the level.

A good strategy here is to move counterclockwise through the targets.

There's no time limit, so just advance carefully, picking off hostiles as they become visible.

An assault rifle or LMG is good here, both for dealing with distant enemies and fending off surprise wolf attacks. Jacob will sometimes appear to harry you, but this is not your final confrontation- just dispel him with a single bullet and keep moving.

Destroy the final howler to 'wake up.' The terrain's the same, but the enemies are real.

Jacob is atop the central peak and can be sniped, but don't bother. He'll only auto-revive in a few seconds, with a bead on your location.

Instead, sneak and snipe to the base of the peak, and move east across the helipad. There's a grapple up just near the edge of the mission zone.

Climb up and bear west- there's a ropey ledge up, though the rope is partially hidden by the nearby tree.

Keep going clockwise around the peak. Near the end of this path you'll find some enemy fighters. Take them down, but watch out for the heavy on the ridge above you.

Rush him for a takedown, or use explosives or an LMG for a noisier execution. Just past his location you'll see some ammo crates and more ledges.

Climb up, then move clockwise around the peak for a final grapple.

Jump across the gap to the lower end of log bridge.

This takes you right to Jacob himself.

You can't use a takedown, which is a disappointment, but you can shoot him a bunch. Hear his last words in cutscene to complete the mission.

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