Start & Prologue

Welcome to the guide! You'll begin your foray into Far Cry 5 by selecting difficulty level and player gender. Neither choice has a real impact on the content you encounter or the rewards you receive, so go with whatever feels right. You can even change the difficulty later, if you like.

The intro kicks off with a helicopter ride. When you do gain control of your character, follow the others to the church.

You'll find your perp sermonizing to his flock. After the Marshal presents his warrant, it's your job to cuff the guy.

This is Far Cry 5's 'Should I Stay or Should I Go Now' moment. You can choose not to cuff him, and short-circuit the game to an end right now. If, however, you came to play, hit the action button to clap him in irons, then follow the others back to the chopper.

Things quickly go from bad (helicopter crash) to worse (cult leader shouts "BEGIN THE REAPING").

Escape the helicopter and run away from the mob. Start with a sprint to gain some distance, then crouch to enter stealth mode. Foliage is not as concealing as it was in, say, Assassin's Creed: Origins, so use rocks and landscaping for cover as much as possible. Not too far away, you'll see a cabin.

You don't have to engage here, but it is a quick lesson in stealth takedowns, and you'll be able to score a handgun, some ammo and a melee weapon of your choice (the pipe is probably the better option here).

Keep moving and you'll hear Burke over the radio.

Make for the trailer he talks about. You can search an observation station and take out some campfire goons, but these are optional, and the loot you get does not carry over to the main game.

As you approach the trailer, note the gray plastic crates outside- they're filled with ammo.

Enter the trailer to meet up with the Marshal, and get a new weapon and a medkit.

You'll be attacked by a few ragged waves of cultists. Gun them down as they get close and remember that red barrels can be shot for a bit of area damage.

The Marshal isn't big on shooting from cover, but he's essential to your escape, so revive him when he goes down.

Keep fighting long enough, and the Marshal will get the truck behind the trailer working. Hop in.

What follows is an extended rail-shooter sequence, as Burke drives while you fire. You have unlimited ammo for the moment, so shoot everything that moves.

You'll also get dynamite- use it in combination with your gun to get rid of hostile vehicles. Remember that shooting a vehicle driver will stop the whole vehicle, and that shooting from inside your own vehicle's cab is slightly less exposed than leaning out.

In the end, it's all for naught. The truck will go off a bridge, you'll wind up in the drink, and wake up in the care of a man named Dutch.

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