Eviction Notice (Tammy Barnes)

Eviction Notice (Tammy Barnes)

After completing Radio Silence, speak with Tammy back in the Wolf Den for this mission.

Here, you'll take the fight to the Stone Ridge Chalet.

Your first objective is to kill the Chosen. There's only two, but you do pretty much have to kill the other dozen or so hostiles here as well.

Sniping from the woods on the southside is very effective. Start with the towers on the east and west ends.

Then, open it up to targets of opportunity. This isn't an outpost, so there's no stealth bonus. In particular, keep an eye on the south gate- many hostiles will bottleneck there, and can be cut down easily.

The Chosen themselves are a little cannier, and will tend to shoot from inside the chalet.

If you're having trouble getting an angle, try claiming one of the sniper platforms for yourself.

When the hostiles are down, enter the chalet to plant explosives at the indicated locations.

Helicopters will start to circle outside, but you can safely ignore them.

There are no collectibles here, but there is a safe next to the answering machine upstairs (standard cash, no silver).

When you're done inside, retreat to a safe distance to watch the boom, and complete the mission.

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