Nature Provides (Bo Adams)

Nature Provides (Bo Adams)

Find Bo at Bo's Cave, south of the Grand View Hotel in northwest Jacob-land.

He'll give you a quest to gather some special ingredients from the farthest wilds.

The first is to easy to find in the depths of Snowshoe Lake, though you'll want to scan the waters for predators first.

Swim down and loot the leviathan corpse. You can do this without buying the Human Fish perk, but you need to be right over the plot marker, and swim straight down. If you start to drown on the way up, fast travel out.

Your other objective is high in the mountains. Follow your marker to the first grapple point.

Grapple up again, then across the ravine (as ever, you do not need to detach from one point to grapple the next).

At the top of this face, jump back (west) across the ravine.

Watch for wildlife as you proceed- cougars at first, though expect to see wolves and bears later.

Follow the grassy path up to some rope ledges.

Up top you'll find another grapple point, as well as evidence that other people have died trying to complete Bo's shopping list.

Grapple up, then use the next grapple point to swing across a gap to the south.

Jump across the gap east. You can deploy the parachute if you want, but it's not necessary.

Another path up leads to another gaps. Just across the gap, you may see all three area predators going at it.

Clear the way, then follow the path markers up to a double grapple.

This takes you to a high ledge. You can use the zip line to your right (south) to cross the ridge below, or you can just wingsuit over.

Follow the path counter-clockwise around the plot-marked peak. You'll have to jump a gap, balance across a log, and swing across a grapple gap.

This will take you at last to the final grapple up.

Eagle attacks are a dead certainty here, but those eagle feathers don't count- you have to get the ones from the nest ahead.

With those in hand, return to Bo for mission completion, a modest cash reward, and a buff to your Ultimate Hunter homeopathic.

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