Air Raid (Plane)

Air Raid (Plane)

The Auto Repair perk can be handy for this mission. After completing Wingman, you'll see a story mission marker just marked 'Plane' by Nick Rye's airstrip. Hop back in the pilot's seat to begin this one.

Once you're in the air, Kim Rye will start calling in some mission objectives. Your first goal is take out two fuel truck convoys. These are relatively easy because it doesn't take much to light them up. If you're having trouble making he shot, try to align yourself with the road that they're on.

When the convoys are toast, two helicopters will attack, from different positions. Charge the first, keeping it dead in your sights. Your gun range is roughly 200m, so try a few probing volleys as it gets close, then open up when you have a good shot. Ideally you'll make the kill on your first pass. If you don't, keep flying straight for a while so you have enough room to make another straight run at your target.

Your last target is a Chosen airplane. Unlike the helicopters, try to stay as close as possible, sticking to his tail. This plane takes a lot of bullets to knock down, so conserve ammo for when you're sure of your shot- either when you're right behind him, or he's banking, and presents a big, flat target.

Downing the Chosen plane completes the mission- you don't even have to land.

This also unlocks Nick's plane, the Carmina, for use.

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