Special Delivery (Kim Rye)

Special Delivery (Kim Rye)

A fun little story mission that pops after the liberation of Holland Valley (Kim will call you on the radio).

Head back to Rye Aviation to find that Kim is about to give to birth.

Hop in the car, and get driving. Note that the time limit showing up top is not the time limit for the whole trip- every marker you reach will refresh the clock. The overall limit is actually pretty generous, so ease up on the leadfoot, and keep a sharp eye on the road ahead.

Your first obstacle, around the fourth marker, is pigs loose on the road. Ignore the explosion to your left.

You'll then drive through the Kellett Cattle Company, which can be awkward if you haven't liberated it yet, but you'll pass through before anyone can really draw a bead on you.

Past Kellet, past a silo, and just as Nick & Kim start talking about slow and steady, watch for a group of suicidal pedestrians suddenly bolting across the road from the left.

Just after that, crashed fuel tanker. Drive through the bit that's not on fire.

Dodge some haybales on the road, then keep an eye out for the hazard cones that will tell you where the jump is.

Watch the road for ATVs and a cow. Ignore the plane that's on fire.

Dodge some tractors as the couple argues about shortcut vs. road. But you only have one plot marker, so follow that.

There are deer in the woods.

The final checkpoint is the clinic driveway.

Arriving triggers a happy cutscene. You'll also get a cash reward, plus the 'region liberated' bonus, and a new costume item.

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