Hurk Drubman Jr (The Prodigal Son)

Hurk Drubman Jr (The Prodigal Son)

Start this mission at Fort Drubman, in the northeast corner of Jacob's patch.

Talk to the ornery coot on the porch to begin.

Go over and speak to Hurk at his shrine. He's looking… reasonably well, considering.

He'll grab his car- join him.

After a long, rambling ride, you'll reach your first objective- a tower crawling with cultists.

There are heavies and sharpshooters mixed in with the rank n' file here. If you want to take a stealthy approach, sneak under the broken rail road tracks to the right (north), and grapple up the cliff wall behind the tower.

Prioritize the sharpshooters- they'll come into view first, and are the best at picking off your companions (if you brought companions).

Another comrade-killer is anyone manning the turret truck in front.

When resistance has been neutralized, follow Hurk up the tower (there's a medkit on the upper level if you need it), then take a series of ziplines downslope.

Follow him to the truck. There are five hostiles scattered about the cabin here. Clear them out.

Before continuing on with Hurk, you might stop and loot the collectible baseball card from the cabin here.

Join Hurk in the truck, and take the turret. This is a not-very-dangerous rail shooter- just fire at everything that moves. It'll start with atvs, then trucks, and will culminate in a helicopter attack.

Pull in and talk to Hurk Sr. when it's all over to complete the mission, and unlock Hurk as a companion.

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