Mission 07 – Turncoat



MISSION 07 – Turncoat


Note: You're going to want a stocked LMG and RPG launcher/ grenade launcher during this mission, so make sure you have them before you start.


Watch Mario popping and locking as the mission's opening scenes begin (maybe they are paying him to stop?). Oh yes, this guy is obviously a master of disguise. Mario will ask you to bring him a military vehicle. Due to the heavy amount of gunfire in the upcoming section, you are seriously going to want something with thick armour. Oh, and it can't be a tank, or a helicopter because of Mario's delicate digestion.



The only vehicle that meets this description is the heavily armoured APC parked in the middle of the police compound in this town. Swing around the rooftops with your grapple until you spot the large walls of the secure area, then drop down inside and you'll find this vehicle near one of the gates. Open the gate and hop in (ignoring the level 1 alert enemies) gunning it out of the base and back to Mario's location.


When you roll up next to him, Mario will jump on board and a new objective path will show up leading you to the defector. As you leave the town, a timer will show up with a measly sixty seconds on it, so you'll need to floor this puppy to get there in time. Cut corners and keep the pedal to the medal (as the path likes to wind and the APC isn't very good at turning) to get to the defector before the time runs out. Even cutting every corner, I barely made it there with 20 seconds to spare, so there's no time to dawdle.



When you arrive, you'll see a group of soldiers shooting at something (I'm not sure if it's a building or pile of cover). Drive over one of them as you 'park' the car, then jump out and quickly gun down the remaining three or four troops. A health bar may appear here with half it's health missing for Mario, but it should refill when he gets out of the APC. Make sure the soldiers don't get in your APC while you're busy shooting as you'll be needing that shortly. You'll then need to lose your heat level, so stay in cover as best you can until it runs out. It's a pain, but there's little you can do in such an open area.


After the scene where you are introduced to your turncoat ally Zeno, the group will split up with Mario driving the APC and Zeno piloting the helicopter. This is where things start to get tricky as you are going to have to protect both of them as you make your way to the safe area. This is where you are going to need your LMG and RPG launcher/ grenade launcher. Quickly grapple onto the top of the APC (you're going to want to remain on this for the rest of the mission) and stay alert for enemy vehicles, opening fire with your LMG when they come into view.



This sequence really just involves killing everything that appears and in general isn't too difficult until your path is blocked by a SAM launcher on the side of the road ahead (anti-air missile launcher). Grapple off the roof and quickly hack the SAM from it's control panel at the back to allow the helicopter to keep moving. Hook back onto the APC and keep doing the soldier smackdown until you are stopped by another SAM site at the edge of a town. Keep in mind that if you take too long at disabling these things, a tank can show up that can take half the APC's health in a single shot, so speed is essential. If a tank does appear, this is the reason you brought a full RPG so fire off the three shots it takes to kill the tank and get back on that APC pronto to move on.


After a little bit more driving, you'll reach what looks like an old farmhouse and to tasked with finishing off the remaining soldiers following your little convoy. Empty your LMG and RPG launcher into them to clear the area to trigger a scene and end the mission.



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