Mission 19 – Derailed Extraction



MISSION 19 – Derailed Extraction

Mission area: Umbra


Note: This section moves fast and provides several checkpoints (seen by the jumps in the video. Apologies for any inconsistencies in the video, but the objectives and checkpoints seem to overlap at some points making editing challenging). The game throws many objectives at you quickly during this mission, some which are skipped when the game loads a checkpoint (i.e. Hack the train's missile car), if the checkpoint is past this point, you can safely ignore the skipped objective.


Note 2: Bring a special weapon that fires explosive projectiles (RPG, thunderbird etc), not an area of effect weapon. Also bring as much ammo as you can as you will need to take down multiple helicopter fairly fast while on a moving train in this mission. If you forget to bring sufficient ammo, you can use the tank on one of the train cars to fire at the helicopters, but it may be easier with your own weaponry (as some have lock-on capabilities).



 After listening to the end of Rosa's speech, you'll be teamed up with Teo. When the mission starts, grapple onto the underside of the nearby helicopter that Teo is piloting and sit back for a little ride. After about twenty or thirty seconds, Teo will hover the helicopter over a section of train tracks. You'll see a marker appear nearby showing the location of an approaching train you can board. Drop down from the helicopter and grapple onto the train to begin your wild ride.


Note: You can grapple onto the helicopters and plant GE-64 bombs or board them, but each time increases the risk you will lose the train due to it moving quite fast. If the train gets too far away for more than 20 seconds, you fail the mission.



Get in position on the second or third car from the front and prepare yourself for your first helicopter as the square of light that is the end of the tunnel gets closer. When you reach the end of the tunnel, unload your special weapon on the first chopper and get ready to keep the fireworks rolling as a series of three or four more show up one after another (three ahead of the train, one behind which can be ignored if the train reaches the next tunnel in time). After entering the next tunnel, you'll hear Teo call out and warn you about an incoming train from behind. Now this is where the checkpoints and objectives start getting screwy in this mission. In my game the enemy train barreled into mine, knocking Rico off the train and squishing him under a train car.


Note: Enemies may magically spawn inside the vehicles on your train (especially in the APC), so be aware of this and be prepared to deal with them if they do.



However, a checkpoint triggered during this which placed him back on the train thus skipping that objective. What the hell? You get little time to react to the oncoming train behind you, but make for the back of the train. Now there's two efficient ways of taking out the oncoming train. You can either shoot the marked coupling between two of the cars near the back causing them to decouple and take out the approaching train or you can fire your special weapon at the train (a hell of a waste). Don't try to grapple across and plant explosives, as you are unlikely to make it back to your own train as it speeds away. 


Either way, when the incoming train is successfully off your ass, grapple back up to the front of your train as you emerge from the tunnel to take on another pair of helicopters. If you still have the missile car on your train at this point the game will recommend you hack the control panel on it to take them out (but this wastes a lot of time when you can just shoot them, but it will take out the future helicopters in your path). A third helicopter will appear seconds later, followed by a fourth. After these shennanigans, you'll be warned of another train coming up from behind again and be prompted to disconnect some more cars near the back of the train. This is another point the checkpoint and objective system can mess up, teleporting you into the future where the oncoming train mysteriously vanishes and you appear at the point the train emerges from the tunnel.



Your train should be quite short at this point, having only four or so cars left. Grapple onto the tank on the third car and hop inside to shoot down the helicopter that appears as you exit the tunnel. Take note that after crossing the bridge a few seconds later, you will no longer have to protect the train and can get off it without any issues. The easiest way to take out the Di Ravello's oncoming bavarium train (you know, the whole reason we're doing this. I nearly forgot) is to get off at the bridge and blow it up with your GE-64 bombs or the tank you are driving. Then all you have to do is sit back an wait for the bavarium train to drive into the gaping void and explode, completing the mission. Obviously the conductor has never heard of the word 'brakes.' The game wants you to derail your own train into the bavarium train, but this method is WAY easier.



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